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Picture of Meryem Boughaba Boughaba, Meryem Dental Nurse
Picture of Anne Sofie Brath Brath, Anne Sofie Instruktørtannlege
Picture of Anders Brennhovd Brennhovd, Anders
Picture of Pål Brodin Brodin, Pål Professor Emeritus +47-22840317 +47-99732419 physiology, chewing, saliva, nerve damage, salivary glands
Brungar, Guri Dalheim Klinikksekretær
Picture of Ingvild Johnsen Brusevold Brusevold, Ingvild Johnsen Associate Professor +47-22852158
Picture of Magne Bryne Bryne, Magne Professor +47-22840373 oral cancer, invasion, migation, invasive front, 3D models, miRNA
Picture of Bjørg Bugdø-Petersen Bugdø-Petersen, Bjørg Lecturer +47-22852027
Burmester, Melina Grigoriou Dental Instructor
Picture of Johanne Bye Bye, Johanne Dental Hygienist +47-22852262
Picture of Liliana Diaz Byfuglien Byfuglien, Liliana Diaz Executive Officer +47-22852215
Picture of Yiqing Cai Cai, Yiqing Head Engineer +47-22840329
Picture of Kjersti Elisabeth Carlsen Carlsen, Kjersti Elisabeth Adviser +47-22852228
Picture of Aman Singh Chahal Chahal, Aman Singh Doctoral Research Fellow Stem Cell Biology, Biomaterials, Tissue Regeneration
Picture of Dong Feng Chen Chen, Dong Feng Professor II
Chen, Xiangjun Postdoctoral Fellow
Cvejic, Dijana Clinical Secretary
Picture of Bjørn Einar Dahl Dahl, Bjørn Einar Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22852009
Picture of Jon Einar Dahl Dahl, Jon Einar Professor II +47-22852162 +47-22852213
Picture of Sidsel Grepstad Dalaker Dalaker, Sidsel Grepstad Executive Officer
Picture of Ragnar Dekke Dekke, Ragnar Dental Instructor
Picture of Zlatko Dembic Dembic, Zlatko Professor +47-22840330 DNA, Immunogenetics, Immunoregulation, Craniofacial biology, Respiratory infection, Epithelial cancer, RT-PCR
Dingsør, Gyri Merete Instruktørtannlege
Picture of Andreas Dobloug Dobloug, Andreas Senior Engineer +47-22840085
Picture of Lars M Døving Døving, Lars M Dentist Instructor with clinical sp +47-22852218