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Picture of Lars M Døving Døving, Lars M Dentist Instructor with clinical sp +47-22852218
Eftedal, Randi Krog Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22840368
Picture of Knut Erik Eide Eide, Knut Erik Dentist Instructor with clinical sp +47-22852073
Eide, Kristin Varegg
Picture of Anne Eikeland Eikeland, Anne Lecturer +47-22852295
Picture of Christel Eikeseth Eikeseth, Christel Clinical Coordinator +47-22852218
Eilertsen, Inger Marie Lund Dentist Instructor with clinical sp
Picture of Odin Mikal Ekstrøm Ekstrøm, Odin Mikal Principal Engineer +47-22852046 +47-90817397
El Khalki, Wassila Dental Hygienist +47-22852253
Eliassen, Morten Dental Instructor
Picture of Jan Eirik Ellingsen Ellingsen, Jan Eirik Head of Department +47-22852141 +47-91184002
Picture of Per Kristian Elvestad Elvestad, Per Kristian Dental Instructor
Picture of Linda Emanuelsen Emanuelsen, Linda Principal Engineer +47-22840320
Picture of Unni Endal Endal, Unni Lecturer +47-22852382 +47-90750933
Picture of Morten Enersen Enersen, Morten Postdoctoral position +47 22840316 dental implant, biofim, Microbiology, periodontitis, bioinformatics, oral hygiene
Picture of Morten Enersen Enersen, Morten Associate Professor +47 22840316 Microbiology, dental implant, periodontitis, oral hygiene, bioinformatics, biofim
Picture of Dagrun Myklebust Ernø Ernø, Dagrun Myklebust Dental Hygienist +47-22852316
Picture of Helene Brustad Eskeland Eskeland, Helene Brustad Senior Executive Officer +47-22852208
Picture of Lisen Vivienne Espeland Espeland, Lisen Vivienne Professor +47-22852298
Picture of Katrine Gahre Fjeld Fjeld, Katrine Gahre Specialist Dentist
Picture of Finn Fløystrand Fløystrand, Finn Associate Professor +47-22852293
Picture of May-Helen Losoa Forsberg Forsberg, May-Helen Losoa Specialist Nurse
Fostad, Barbro Grunnan Dental Instructor
Picture of Tanya Jeanette Franzen Franzen, Tanya Jeanette Specialist Dentist +47-22852128
Picture of Åshild Kvammen Frettem Frettem, Åshild Kvammen Doctoral Research Fellow