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Picture of Nina Shamela Jar Jar, Nina Shamela Dental Nurse
Picture of Janicke Cecilie Liaaen  Jensen Jensen, Janicke Cecilie Liaaen Professor 22852028 oral surgery, Sjögren's syndrome, implants, rare condtions, wisdom teeth, saliva, oral medicine
Picture of Leif Erling Jensen Jensen, Leif Erling Assistent Faculty Director +47 22852230 +47 91173180 Web page, procects
Picture of Kuleba Jeyakumar Jeyakumar, Kuleba Dental Nurse
Picture of Anna Karin Johansen Johansen, Anna Karin Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Ole Anton Johansen Johansen, Ole Anton Head Engineer +47-22852057
Johansen, Pål-Espen Dentist Instructor with clinical sp
Picture of Gaute Floer Johnsen Johnsen, Gaute Floer PhD Candidate
Picture of Nina Merete Soelberg Johnsen Johnsen, Nina Merete Soelberg Senior Executive Officer +47-22852172
Johnsen, Petter Gjessing Dental Instructor
Picture of Svanhild Johnsen Johnsen, Svanhild Dental Nurse +47-22852255
Jonsdottir, Olga Hrønn Dental Instructor +47-92112804
Picture of Grazyna Jonski Jonski, Grazyna Head Engineer +47-22852355
Picture of Roger Junges Junges, Roger Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22840340 genetic competence, signaling, microbiology, immunology, commensals, Biofilm, pathogens, molecular biology, molecular microbiology, antibiotic resistance
Picture of Tordis Juul Juul, Tordis Trade Union Official +47-22852281
Jørgensen, Bjørn Audun Dental Instructor
Picture of Ragnhild Jørgensen Jørgensen, Ragnhild Higher Executive Officer +47-22852121
Picture of Sukhdeep Kaur Kakar Kakar, Sukhdeep Kaur Principal Engineer +47-22852090 Facad Collector, Web, Facad, Vortex, Lokal-IT, Fronter
Picture of Mohamed Nader Kalaji Kalaji, Mohamed Nader
Picture of Pawel Kallas Kallas, Pawel Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Vasileios Kapralos Kapralos, Vasileios Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Gunn Conradi Karlsen Karlsen, Gunn Conradi Administrative Manager +47-22852091
Picture of Heidi Karlstad Karlstad, Heidi Dental Hygienist +47-22852184
Picture of Neeraj Kasbekar Kasbekar, Neeraj Dental Instructor
Picture of Jasna Kazazic Kazazic, Jasna Dental Instructor