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Picture of Maren Bråten Solhaug Solhaug, Maren Bråten Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22840397
Picture of Tore Solheim Solheim, Tore +47-22840378 +47-41447336
Picture of Anne Elisabeth Stabrun Stabrun, Anne Elisabeth Associate Professor +47-22852254
Picture of Øystein Stakkestad Stakkestad, Øystein 93817653 93817653 Ameloblastin, Biomineralization, Atomic Force Microscopy., Amelogenin, real-time PCR, extracellular matrix, stem cells
Picture of Frode Staxrud Staxrud, Frode Lecturer +47-22852320
Picture of Hans Gunnar Steinbakken Steinbakken, Hans Gunnar Dental Instructor
Picture of Kjersti Refsholt Stenhagen Stenhagen, Kjersti Refsholt Associate Professor +47-22852257 London, SINTEF, Kings College, Helsefremmende og forebyggende arbeid, Guys Hospital
Picture of Sissel Storli Storli, Sissel Dentist Instructor with clinical sp
Picture of Bente Dahl Storm Storm, Bente Dahl Dental Instructor
Picture of Kjetil Strøm Strøm, Kjetil Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22852128
Picture of Kjersti Sturød Sturød, Kjersti Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22840336 Antibiotic resistance, metagenomics
Picture of Ida Haukåen Stødle Stødle, Ida Haukåen Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Mousumi Sukul Sukul, Mousumi Postdoctoral Fellow tissue engineering, Biomaterials, polymer membranes, bone regeneration
Picture of Pia Titterud Sunde Sunde, Pia Titterud Associate Professor +47-22852161
Picture of Safiyye Suslu Suslu, Safiyye Doctoral Research Fellow +47 98006218 Biomaterials, proteins, bone remodeling
Picture of Dagfinn Beyer Svanæs Svanæs, Dagfinn Beyer Professor Emeritus +47-22852236
Picture of Gunnar Svendsen Svendsen, Gunnar Lecturer
Picture of Kari Anne Systad Systad, Kari Anne Dental Instructor
Syversen, Astri Bjerke Dental Instructor
Picture of Helene Borghild Sæthre-Sundli Sæthre-Sundli, Helene Borghild Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Tine Merete Søland Søland, Tine Merete Associate Professor +47-22840376 Pathology
Picture of Unni Strand Sørlie Sørlie, Unni Strand Dental Instructor
Picture of Anne Karine Sørum Sørum, Anne Karine Dental Instructor 92885915
Picture of Eli-Karin Søvdsnes Søvdsnes, Eli-Karin Lecturer +47-22852055
Picture of Behzod Tashbayev Tashbayev, Behzod Doctoral Research Fellow Sjögren's syndrome, dry eye disease, dry mouth