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Picture of Ståle Petter Lyngstadaas Lyngstadaas, Ståle Petter Professor +47-22852357 +47-90762228 Medicine, Life Science, Structure biology, Biomaterials, Bio-nanotechnology, Implantology, Bone regeneration, matrix biology
Picture of Mona Marthinussen Marthinussen, Mona Dentist Instructor with clinical sp +47-22852218
Mauland, Erik Klepsland Dental Instructor
Picture of Ibrahimu Mdala Mdala, Ibrahimu Researcher +47-22850658 Microbiology, Biofilm
Picture of Edvard Berger Messelt Messelt, Edvard Berger Professor Emeritus +47-22840345 +47-99502869
Picture of Bjørn Bamse Mork-Knutsen Mork-Knutsen, Bjørn Bamse Lecturer +47-22852052
Picture of Thomas Myrhaug Myrhaug, Thomas Dentist Instructor with clinical sp
Møller, Line Beathe Antonsen Clinical Secretary
Picture of Anne Møystad Møystad, Anne Professor +47-22852256 +47-22852100 Digital radiography, dental caries, osteoarthritis, TMJ, ultrasound, nerve damage
Neiden, Elen Ulseth Pedersen
Picture of Minou Nirvani Nirvani, Minou Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22840343
Picture of Ingunn Harvold Nissen-Meyer Nissen-Meyer, Ingunn Harvold Professor Emeritus
Picture of Elin Ohm Ohm, Elin Dental Instructor
Picture of Ingar Olsen Olsen, Ingar Professor Emeritus +47-22840350 biofilm, biofilm assay, DNA, microarray, 16S rRNA sequencing, caries, periodontitis
Picture of Heming Olsen-Bergem Olsen-Bergem, Heming Associate Professor +47-22852043
Picture of Harald Osmundsen Osmundsen, Harald +47-22840351 +47-93210265
Picture of Margareth Kristensen Ottersen Ottersen, Margareth Kristensen Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Lillian Oulie Oulie, Lillian Professor Emeritus +47-22852216
Picture of Fernanda Cristina Petersen Petersen, Fernanda Cristina Professor +47-22840312 +47-91186028 microbiology, streptococci, genetic competence, signalling, biofilm, commensals, pathogens
Picture of Sanja Petronijevic Petronijevic, Sanja Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22840254
Pham, Maria H. N. T Cand Odont. PhD- candidate and Oral Surg- candidate 22852085 Biomaterial and Tissue regeneration, titanium dioxide, scaffold, oral surgery
Picture of Hans Ragnar Preus Preus, Hans Ragnar Professor +47-22852163 +47-90121447
Picture of Lisa Printzell Printzell, Lisa Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Gry Steinsvoll Prøsch Prøsch, Gry Steinsvoll Dental Instructor
Picture of Helen Pullisaar Pullisaar, Helen Postdoctoral Fellow