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Picture of Bjørn Bamse Mork-Knutsen Mork-Knutsen, Bjørn Bamse Lecturer +47-22852052
Picture of Thomas Myrhaug Myrhaug, Thomas Dentist Instructor with clinical sp
Møller, Line Beathe Antonsen Clinical Secretary
Picture of Anne Møystad Møystad, Anne Professor +47-22852100 +47-22852256 ultrasound, TMJ, dental caries, osteoarthritis, nerve damage, Digital radiography
Picture of Minou Nirvani Nirvani, Minou Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22840343
Picture of Ingunn Harvold Nissen-Meyer Nissen-Meyer, Ingunn Harvold Professor Emeritus
Picture of Elin Ohm Ohm, Elin Dental Instructor
Picture of Ingar Olsen Olsen, Ingar Professor Emeritus +47-22840350 16S rRNA sequencing, periodontitis, caries, DNA, biofilm, biofilm assay, microarray
Picture of Heming Olsen-Bergem Olsen-Bergem, Heming Associate Professor +47-22852043
Picture of Harald Osmundsen Osmundsen, Harald +47-22840351 +47-93210265
Picture of Margareth Kristensen Ottersen Ottersen, Margareth Kristensen Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Lillian Oulie Oulie, Lillian Professor Emeritus +47-22852216
Picture of Fernanda Cristina Petersen Petersen, Fernanda Cristina Professor +47-22840312 +47-91186028 microbiology, biofilm, genetic competence, signalling, commensals, streptococci, pathogens
Picture of Sanja Petronijevic Petronijevic, Sanja Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22840254
Pham, Maria H. N. T Cand Odont. PhD- candidate and Oral Surg- candidate 22852085 scaffold, oral surgery, titanium dioxide, Biomaterial and Tissue regeneration
Picture of Hans Ragnar Preus Preus, Hans Ragnar Professor +47-22852163 +47-90121447
Picture of Dorita Preza Preza, Dorita Dentist Instructor with clinical sp
Picture of Lisa Printzell Printzell, Lisa Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Gry Steinsvoll Prøsch Prøsch, Gry Steinsvoll Dental Instructor
Picture of Helen Pullisaar Pullisaar, Helen Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Syed Saad Bin Qasim Qasim, Syed Saad Bin Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Eva Maria Cecil Redfors Redfors, Eva Maria Cecil Lecturer +47-22852235
Picture of Kjetil Reppen Reppen, Kjetil Lecturer +47-22852210 +47-90069812
Picture of Janne Elin Reseland Reseland, Janne Elin Professor +47-22852361 +47-22852350 Craniofacial molecular and developmental biology, Bone regeneration and remodelling, signaling, Bone functional genomics and proteomics, matrix biology, regulation, Stem cells, Physiology; growth hormones, Biomineralization
Picture of Ulf Harald Riis Riis, Ulf Harald Lecturer 22852104