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Picture of Monika Kristina Rikter Rikter, Monika Kristina Dental Instructor
Picture of Lene Thestrup Rikvold Rikvold, Lene Thestrup Dentist Instructor with clinical sp +47-22852224
Roberg, Eirin Brattgjerd Dental Instructor
Rongen, Gunnar Researcher
Picture of Andre Roushan Roushan, Andre Dentist Instructor with clinical sp
Picture of Kristin Rustand Rustand, Kristin Dental Instructor
Picture of Shermin Rusthen Rusthen, Shermin Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Anders Rye Rye, Anders Dentist Instructor with clinical sp +47-22852224
Picture of Morten Rykke Rykke, Morten Professor +47-22852287 +47-41621647
Picture of Asbjørn Røed Røed, Asbjørn +47-22840355 salivary glands, organogenesis, osmoregulation, epigenetic, molecular biology, Cell biology, stem cells
Picture of Anne Rønneberg Rønneberg, Anne Clinical Director +47-22852269 +47-90176333
Picture of Hans Jacob Rønold Rønold, Hans Jacob Associate Professor +47-22852054 +47-90556680
Picture of Gro Herredsvela Rørvik Rørvik, Gro Herredsvela Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22840256
Picture of Anne Jeanette Røtvold Røtvold, Anne Jeanette Dental Instructor
Picture of Nils Ragnar Raaum Raaum, Nils Ragnar Dental Instructor +47-92633301
Sagen, Mina Aker Doctoral Research Fellow
Saltnes, Solfrid Sørgjerd
Samuelsen, Elisabeth Dentist Instructor with clinical sp
Sand, Lars Peter Professor +47-22840364
Picture of Mariano Sanz Alonso Sanz Alonso, Mariano Professor II
Picture of Dipak Sapkota Sapkota, Dipak Associate Professor +47-22840331 S100 proteins, miRNA, oral precancer and cancer, transcriptome analysis, functional assays, modulation of gene expression, in vivo models of carcinogenesis
Picture of Erik Saxegaard Saxegaard, Erik Associate Professor +47-22852077
Picture of Anne Aamdal Scheie Scheie, Anne Aamdal Professor Emeritus +47-22840359 +47-92229528 Biofilm, Biofilm control, Quorum sensing, Mikrobiologi
Picture of Karl Schenck Schenck, Karl Professor +47-22840360 Defense against infection and immune regulation in the oral cavity, Periodontitis, oral lichen planus
Picture of Eli Schistad Ter Kuile Schistad Ter Kuile, Eli Dental Instructor +47-22852273