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Picture of Anne Aamdal Scheie Scheie, Anne Aamdal Professor Emeritus +47-22840359 +47-92229528 Biofilm, Biofilm control, Quorum sensing, Mikrobiologi
Picture of Karl Schenck Schenck, Karl Professor +47-22840360 Defense against infection and immune regulation in the oral cavity, Periodontitis, oral lichen planus
Picture of Eli Schistad Ter Kuile Schistad Ter Kuile, Eli Dental Instructor +47-22852273
Picture of Maria Schröder Schröder, Maria Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Manuel Schweikle Schweikle, Manuel Doctoral Research Fellow Drug Delivery, Hydrogels, Bone Regeneration, Biomaterials
Schøne, Rigmor Clinical Secretary
Seehuus, Sharon Joy Rose Dental Instructor
Picture of Amer Sehic Sehic, Amer Associate Professor +47-22840352 95752912 +47-95752912
Sekelja, Davor
Picture of Gunvor Semb Semb, Gunvor Professor +47-22852254
Picture of Sudhanshu Shekhar Shekhar, Sudhanshu Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22840327 Infection and immunity, Lung immunology, Vaccinology, Innate lymphocyte biology, Animal models, Multicolor flow cytometry, Cell culture, Histopathology
Picture of Gabriela Salvadori Silva Silva, Gabriela Salvadori Doctoral Research Fellow
Simm, Roger Associate Professor +47-22840337
Singh, Preet Bano Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22852051
Picture of Anja Skagmo Skagmo, Anja Dental Instructor
Picture of Natalie Sharim Skalleberg Skalleberg, Natalie Sharim Dental Instructor +47-22840281
Picture of Irene Skau Skau, Irene Researcher +47-22840389 Health economics, Political science, Community dentistry, Health services research
Picture of Berit Elisabeth Skei Skei, Berit Elisabeth Lecturer +47-22852292
Picture of Berit Elisabeth Skei Skei, Berit Elisabeth Lecturer +47-22852292
Picture of Henrik Skjerven Skjerven, Henrik Specialist Dentist 95702290
Picture of Lasse Ansgar Skoglund Skoglund, Lasse Ansgar Professor +47-22844672
Picture of Nina Pettersen Skoglund Skoglund, Nina Pettersen Lecturer +47-22852268
Picture of Rasa Skudutyte-Rysstad Skudutyte-Rysstad, Rasa Associate Professor +47-22852132 adult dental health, epidemiology, dental health determinants, Gerodontology
Picture of Anne Skaare Skaare, Anne Professor +47-22852186
Picture of Grete Bjøralt Solhaug Solhaug, Grete Bjøralt Clinical Secretary