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Picture of Liliana Diaz Byfuglien Byfuglien, Liliana Diaz Executive Officer +47-22852215
Picture of Yiqing Cai Cai, Yiqing Head Engineer +47-22840329
Picture of Kjersti Elisabeth Carlsen Carlsen, Kjersti Elisabeth Adviser +47-22852228
Cvejic, Dijana Clinical Secretary
Picture of Sidsel Grepstad Dalaker Dalaker, Sidsel Grepstad Executive Officer
Eide, Kristin Varegg
Picture of Christel Eikeseth Eikeseth, Christel Clinical Coordinator +47-22852218
Picture of Odin Mikal Ekstrøm Ekstrøm, Odin Mikal Principal Engineer +47-22852046 +47-90817397
El Khalki, Wassila Dental Hygienist +47-22852253
Picture of Linda Emanuelsen Emanuelsen, Linda Principal Engineer +47-22840320
Picture of Dagrun Myklebust Ernø Ernø, Dagrun Myklebust Dental Hygienist +47-22852316
Picture of Helene Brustad Eskeland Eskeland, Helene Brustad Senior Executive Officer +47-22852208
Picture of May-Helen Losoa Forsberg Forsberg, May-Helen Losoa Specialist Nurse
Picture of Åshild Kvammen Frettem Frettem, Åshild Kvammen Doctoral Research Fellow
Frilles, Andre Head Engineer +47-22852022
Picture of Hege Glomsaker-Gjessing Glomsaker-Gjessing, Hege Section Manager +47-22852286
Picture of Turid Granberg Granberg, Turid Clinical Coordinator +47-22852253
Picture of Maj-Helen Haldorsen Haldorsen, Maj-Helen Clinical Secretary
Picture of Liv Halvorsen Halvorsen, Liv Head Engineer +47-22852038
Picture of Kristin Hansen Hansen, Kristin Clinical Secretary +47-22852201
Picture of Kristin Beathe Hansen Hansen, Kristin Beathe Section Manager +47-22852083 47701877
Picture of Monica Braathen Hanssen Hanssen, Monica Braathen Secretary +47-22852214
Picture of Olaug Vist Hartmann Hartmann, Olaug Vist Dental Hygienist +47-22852104
Picture of Marianne Lange Hauge Hauge, Marianne Lange Clinical Secretary +47-22852234
Picture of Ingunn Haugenes Haugenes, Ingunn Higher Executive Officer +47-22852115