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Picture of Maria Landin Landin, Maria Researcher +4722840384 RNA, MicroRNA, tooth development, DNA, microarray, qPCR, In Situ Hybridisation (ISH), genomics, transcriptomics, bioinformatics
Picture of Trine Elin Brobakke Lang Lang, Trine Elin Brobakke Higher Executive Officer +47-22852233
Picture of Tove Langhaug Langhaug, Tove Faculty Director +47-22852239 +47-93405129
Picture of Sonny Margaret Langseth Langseth, Sonny Margaret Higher Executive Officer +47-22852350 +47-95470782
Picture of Faosia Laouar Laouar, Faosia Dental Nurse +47-22852306
Lapina, Anna Clinical Secretary
Picture of Janne Karin Lea Lea, Janne Karin Clinical Coordinator +47-22852223
Picture of Aina-Mari Lian Lian, Aina-Mari Head Engineer +47-22852070 molekylærbiologi, Luminex, Innkjøp, Celledyrking, PCR & Q-PCR
Ligeti, Krisztina Adviser +47-22852144
Picture of Ingrid Elisabeth Liodden Liodden, Ingrid Elisabeth
Picture of Bjørn Kristian Liråk Liråk, Bjørn Kristian Senior Adviser +47-22852131
Picture of Yamila Lopez Lopez, Yamila Adviser +47-22852242
Picture of Lotte Vestergård Madsen Madsen, Lotte Vestergård Clinical Coordinator +47-22852266
Picture of Hege Markussen Markussen, Hege Dental Hygienist +47-22852037
Mesihovic, Suada Dental Nurse
Picture of Tore Miøen Miøen, Tore Head Engineer +47-22852318 +47-95761760 +47-95761760
Picture of Ann-Kristin Molværsmyr Molværsmyr, Ann-Kristin Head Engineer transfection, subcloning, organ culture, Western Blott (WB), Real-time PCR, Reportergen assay, cell culture, immunoprecipitation
Picture of Benvinda Freitas Monteiro Monteiro, Benvinda Freitas Dental Nurse
Picture of Maria Pia Montero Montero, Maria Pia Dental Nurse +47-22852060 +47-92653973
Picture of Helle Eckard Mosebekk Mosebekk, Helle Eckard Higher Executive Officer +47-22852233
Picture of Anita Margareth Myhre Myhre, Anita Margareth Dental Nurse +47-22852104
Picture of Ali-Oddin Naemi Naemi, Ali-Oddin Senior Engineer +47-22840311 PCR, C. elegans, Bacterial Biofilm techniques; Static & flow system, CLSM, RT-PCR, cell culture
Picture of Shanthan Navaratnam Navaratnam, Shanthan Section Manager +47-22852120 +47-97178440 Budget, Local-IT, IT-support, IT-manager
Picture of Ingebjørg Nerem Nerem, Ingebjørg Executive Officer +47-22852245
Picture of Mona Lisa  Nesholen Nesholen , Mona Lisa Klinikksekretær +47-22852279