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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Lena Solbakken Solbakken, Lena Executive Officer +47-22852258
Picture of Heidi Kristin Solbrekken Solbrekken, Heidi Kristin Dental Nurse +47-22852025
Picture of Mona Steinhaugen Steinhaugen, Mona Clinical Coordinator +47-22852335 +47-95107263
Picture of Solveig Stig Stig, Solveig Head Engineer +47-22840386 +47-41674208 cell culture, RNA isolation, Immunohistochemistry (IHC), PCR & Q-PCR
Picture of Ingar Arnodd Storfjell Storfjell, Ingar Arnodd Principal Engineer +47-22852053
Picture of Helene Bjørndalen Strøm Strøm, Helene Bjørndalen Principal Engineer
Picture of Sissel Strømfjord Strømfjord, Sissel Head Nurse +47-22852246 +47-95212811
Picture of Håkon Størmer Størmer, Håkon Senior Engineer +47-22852243 +47-40245748
Sundo, Muamera Dental Nurse
Picture of Namgyal Tsomo Svenningsen Svenningsen, Namgyal Tsomo Adviser +47-22852199
Picture of Gunn Bjella Sæther Sæther, Gunn Bjella Adviser +47-22852238
Picture of Anne Grethe Søreng Søreng, Anne Grethe Adviser +47-22845968
Picture of Arezu Taha Taha, Arezu Dental Nurse
Picture of Bente Olin Teigmo Teigmo, Bente Olin Head Nurse +47-22852303
Picture of Hilde Kvamme Titlestad Titlestad, Hilde Kvamme Adviser +47-22852194
Picture of Elin Merete Toremo Toremo, Elin Merete Dental Nurse +47-22852272
Picture of Gerald Ruiner Torgersen Torgersen, Gerald Ruiner Head Engineer +47-22852112 +47-47237536 Cone Beam CT, radiation doses, radiation protection, Quality assurance of advanced radiological equipment, PACS, diagnostic physics, CT
Picture of Loan Thi Kim Tran Tran, Loan Thi Kim Dental Nurse
Picture of Lin Malin Ullern Ullern, Lin Malin Head of Office +47-22840347 HSE, Economy, Human resources administrastion
Picture of Kim Urdahl-Aasen Urdahl-Aasen, Kim Head Engineer +47-22852098 +47-95448447
Picture of Linda Elin Valtyrson Valtyrson, Linda Elin Section Manager +47-22852178
Picture of Hege Kristin Våler Våler, Hege Kristin Clinical Coordinator +47-22852203
Picture of Hanne Margrete Weidemann Weidemann, Hanne Margrete Head Engineer +47-22840383
Winge, Marita Evensen Specialist Nurse
Yanez Perez, Romina Jacqueline Executive Officer +47-22852212