High temprature ovens

L3/11 and L9/12 (Nabertherm, Bremen, Germany)

Two professional furnaces with inner volumes of 3 and 9 litres and maximum temperatures of 1100 and 1200 C, respectively. HTC08/16 (Nabertherm, Bremen, Germany)

  1. A high temperature sintering furnace with inner volume of 8 litres and maximum temperature of 1600 C. LHT02/17 LB (Nabertherm, Bremen, Germany)
  2. A high temperature sintering furnace with high temperature uniformity and option for sintering in protective atmosphere (Ar). Inner volume: 2 l , Tmax: 1650 C.

More information from the manufacturer http://www.nabertherm.com/produkte/labor/labor_englisch.pdf





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