We offer both our lab equipment and expertise to investigators and are open for new collaborations. Please consult our list of capacities and contact us for any further questions.

For general questions, not related to listed machines or procedures, please contact research coordinator Knut Gythfeldt.

 Photo: Håkon Størmer

Our multidisciplinary team

The multidisciplinary team includes researchers trained in molecular biology, cell biology, odontology, medicine, microbiology, biochemistry, chemistry and materials science. The staff is dedicated to research focusing on development or modification of biomaterials, bone regeneration and integration of biomaterials into bone and related hard tissues.

Close relation to the Institute of Veterinary Medicine ensures regular access to professional animal facilities and the researchers are experienced in several animal models for bone healing and implant performance in rats, rabbits and pigs.

The research facilities are excellent, fully equipped for atomic force microscopy, profilometer, molecular force probing, confocal microscopy, atom absorbance, molecular imaging, protein and peptide separation techniques, cell culture, molecular biology including real-time PCR in addition to the basic laboratory equipment. Advanced equipment like scanning and transmission electron microscopy, mass spectroscopy and flow cytometry are available in the local network at collaborating laboratories.

List of instruments


Instrument / procedure Contact                 
Atomic absorption spectroscopy Grazyna Jonski
Atomic force microscope Jonas Wengenroth
Confocal microscope Catherine Heyward
Contact angle Grazyna Jonski
Fluorescence microscope Catherine Heyward
Gas chromatography Grazyna Jonski
Infrared spectrometer and microscope (FTIR) Alejandro Barrantes
Inverse microscopes Aina Lian
Mechanical testing Jonas Wengenroth
MicroCT (SkyScan 1172) Jonas Wengenroth
NanoDrop spectrophotometer Aina Lian
Profilometer and interferometer Grazyna Jonski
Quartz crystal microbalance with dissipation (QCM-D) Alejandro Barrantes
Tabletop scanning electron microscope (SEM) Jonas Wengenroth
UV/vis spectroscopy Manuel Schweikle
Viscometer Anne Klemm
Zetasizer Alejandro Barrantes


Instrument Contact         
Carousel tissue processor Shahbaz Yousefi
Cutting-grinding system Shahbaz Yousefi
Immunohistochemistry Maziar Shabestari
In situ hybridisering (ISH) Maziar Shabestari
Microgrinding system Shahbaz Yousefi
Parafin microtome Shahbaz Yousefi

Cell biology

Instrument Contact                 
Cell lab facilities Aina Lian
Luminex 100 and Luminex 200 Aina Lian
Protein and DNA electrophoresis Janne E. Reseland
Real-time PCR Aina Lian

 Other instruments

Instrument Contact                           
Freeze dryer Manuel Schweikle
Gritblasting system David Wiedmer
High speed laboratory dissolver Anne Klemm
High temperature ovens Anne Klemm
SEM sample preparation Jonas Wengenroth
UV/ozone cleaner Alejandro Barrantes

In addition we have close collaborations with numerous laboratories in the region that could supplement any assignments.

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