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Picture of Monika Joanna Achcinska-Kristiansen Achcinska-Kristiansen, Monika Joanna Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Emily Caroline Alves Alves, Emily Caroline Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22840368
Andersen, Kari-Mette +47-22840234
Picture of Maria Balta Balta, Maria Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22840304
Picture of Linda Hildegard Bergersen Bergersen, Linda Hildegard Professor +47-22840288 +47-97032049 Brain and nervous system, Signal transmission in the nervous system, Brain metabolism, Physical activity and brain function
Picture of Louise Bjerkan Bjerkan, Louise Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22840327 Western Blott (WB), RT-PCR, Celledyrking, RNA isolering, PCR & Q-PCR
Picture of Bodil Bjerkehagen Bjerkehagen, Bodil Associate Professor
Picture of Pål Brodin Brodin, Pål Professor Emeritus +47-22840317 +47-99732419 physiology, chewing, saliva, nerve damage, salivary glands
Picture of Magne Bryne Bryne, Magne Professor +47-22840373 oral cancer, invasion, migation, invasive front, 3D models, miRNA
Picture of Dong Feng Chen Chen, Dong Feng Professor II
Picture of Zlatko Dembic Dembic, Zlatko Professor +47-22840330 DNA, Immunogenetics, Immunoregulation, Craniofacial biology, Respiratory infection, Epithelial cancer, RT-PCR
Eftedal, Randi Krog Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22840368
Picture of Morten Enersen Enersen, Morten Associate Professor +47 22840316 Microbiology, periodontitis, dental implant, biofim, bioinformatics, oral hygiene
Picture of Hilde Kanli Galtung Galtung, Hilde Kanli Professor +47-22840338 aquaporins, organogenesis, cell volume regulation, morphogenesis, salivary gland physiology
Picture of Eduarda Guerreiro Guerreiro, Eduarda Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22840251
Picture of Trond Sundby Halstensen Halstensen, Trond Sundby Professor +47-22840322 +47-90653878
Picture of Trude M Haug Haug, Trude M Associate Professor +47-22844414 physiology, electrophysiology, TP1100, OD2100, OD2200
Picture of Øyvind Pernell Haugen Haugen, Øyvind Pernell Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22840369
Picture of Anne-Lise Lund Håheim Håheim, Anne-Lise Lund Professor II +47-22840380
Jackson, Catherine Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22840318
Picture of Roger Junges Junges, Roger Researcher +47-22840340 microbiology, immunology, molecular biology, genetic competence, signaling, pathogens, commensals, molecular microbiology
Picture of Rabia Khan Khan, Rabia Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22840341 Bacterial signalling, genetic competence
Picture of Thomas Michel Kuntziger Kuntziger, Thomas Michel Associate Professor +47-22840383
Picture of Ibrahimu Mdala Mdala, Ibrahimu Researcher +47-22850658 Microbiology, Biofilm
Picture of Edvard Berger Messelt Messelt, Edvard Berger Professor Emeritus +47-22840345 +47-99502869