Nettsider med emneord «MicroCT»

Publisert 6. juni 2018 19:40

Javier Sanz Esporrin from Complutense University of Madrid joined our group for three months to learn more about micro- and nanoCT imaging.

Publisert 5. mars 2019 19:01

Gaute Floer Johnsen has publicly defended his doctoral dissertation Contralateral premolars: validation of symmetry. Department of Biomaterials congratulates Gaute on his great achievement!

Liebert Parreiras Nogueira
Publisert 7. juni 2019 13:38

Liebert Parreiras Nogueira  won the movie award for best video at a international microCT conference in Mechelen, Belgium. The Department of Biomaterials congratulates Liebert on this accomplishment.

Publisert 3. nov. 2017 19:40

After a long wait, our brand new nanoCT scanner is up and running!

Publisert 7. feb. 2018 19:39

Department of Biomaterials hosted an international symposium on x-ray tomography techniques.

Publisert 3. juli 2012 13:45

We offer both our lab equipment and expertise to investigators and are open for new collaborations. Please consult our list of capacities and contact us for any further questions.

For general questions, not related to listed machines or procedures, please contact Head of Lab Janne Reseland.

Publisert 12. sep. 2012 16:57
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Publisert 7. des. 2021 17:23

Maryam Rahmati has publicly defended her doctoral dissertation In vivo evaluation of biomaterials for bone regeneration applications using advanced imaging techniques. Department of Biomaterials congratulates Maryam on her great achievement!

Publisert 14. sep. 2015 17:48

Dr Graziana Colaianni from Prof. Maria Granos’ group at the Department of Basic Medical Sciences, Neurosciences and Sensory Organs, University of Bari Aldo Moro spent a week at our lab doing microCT imaging.

Publisert 11. jan. 2018 09:00