Doctoral examination: Morten Gahre Fjeld

Cand. odont. Morten Gahre Fjeld will defend his thesis for the degree of philosophiae doctor (ph.d.): Juvenile idiopathic arthritis: A long-term follow-up study of craniofacial and dento-alveolar development.

Morten Gahre Fjeld

Trial lecture

Monday 24 november 2014, 09:15, at Auditorium 2, Geitmyrsveien 69: "Dentofacial and occlusal characteristics in JIA - improving trend in long-term outcome"


The effect of juvenile idipathic arthritis (JIA) on craniofacial growth and development and dento-alveolar development was studied in this thesis. When the temporomandibular joints (TMJs) were affected with JIA, craniofacial growth disturbances and changes in dental occlusion were frequently found. Sixty JIA patients were followed from childhood into adulthood.

As many as 75% of the JIA patients had TMJ involvement in adulthood, and more than 80% had bilateral involvement. In those with bilateral TMJ involvement, 70% had some form of growth disturbance in adulthood, always involving the mandible. Micrognathia was seen only in those with bilateral TMJ involvement. The changes in craniofacial morphology in JIA patients were found from 12 years of age compared to controls. JIA patients without TMJ involvement had a similar craniofacial morphology as healthy subjects.

In children with TMJ involvement, a higher probability of an increased overjet > 9mm was found among those with TMJ involvement. The frequency of children with JIA receiving orthodontic treatment was similar to their peers. JIA patients had an increased frequency of orthodontic treatment combined with orthognathic surgery. In adulthood the occlusion had improved due to orthodontic treatment and due to growth and Development.

Published Nov. 10, 2014 4:39 PM