AVLYST: Development of Biomaterials for Delivery of Biologics and Healthcare Technologies

Aram Saeed is giving a talk on some of his latest work in the areas of Tissue Engineering, Biomaterials and Protein Delivery System.

Aram Saeed, Associate Professor in Healthcare Technologies

Aram Saeed, Associate Professor in Healthcare Technologies

Saeed is Associate Professor in Healthcare Technologies at the University of East Anglia.

Bio: Aram Saeed graduated in Pharmacy, first-class and ranking 1st from HMU in 2003 and worked as a clinical pharmacist and then undertook a PhD in Pharmacy at University of Nottingham, developing a polymeric delivery system for targeted delivery of biologics, working with Prof Cameron Alexander, and he has published numerous key papers on advanced modular drug and delivery system systems.

Saeed then took a postdoctoral position at Network of Excellence for Functional Biomaterials, NUIG, currently known as CÚRAM, where he has developed bioactive tissue adhesive for wound healing, where he published key papers on biocompatible and bioresponsive tissue adhesive materials.

Following this time, he joined The EPSRC Centre for Innovation Manufacturing in Regenerative Medicine, working with Profs Kevin Shakesheff and Cameron Alexander, developing “smart” 3D cell culture system for expansion and manufacturing of stem cells, and being named inventor on an international patent and published key paper in Advanced Materials on dual thermoresponsive and magnetic particle gel for stem cells culture and expansion.  

Since moving to UEA in late 2013, he has started a new research group of PhDs and PDRAs, working on the development of new biomaterials for healthcare applications, including musculoskeletal, Ophthalmic, intestine, 3D cell culture system and cell expansion and delivery systems. The research group have published several key papers and filed two Patent Cooperation TreatY (PCT) in the area of tendon tissue engineering, stem cells biology, biomaterials as 3D cell culture and development of implantable devices.  

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