NYSCO: A great way to connect with young colleagues in the field of dentistry

The participants at the 5th NYSCO agreed that getting an international network is one of the perks of the workshop.

Networking is a word which is used so often that it almost loses its meaning. Still, networking is an important part of being a researcher, according to Anders Verket, one of the more experienced researchers participating at NYSCO:

- I just came back from a conference in Svalbard. The people I met there are people I could have met and gotten to know before, as a young scientist, if I had attended something like NYSCO back then. It's the same in all professions: We need to be introduced to new people, new ideas, to get to know people who know other things than us.

The 5th NYSCO

This years' workshop was held 2-4 September at Holmen fjordhotel, located directly at the Oslo fjord.

Roger Simm on stage during his presentation
Roger Simm was one of five invited key note speakers, giving a presentation on antibiotic resistance. Photo: Fredrik Pedersen, OD/UiO

In addition to 5 keynote speakers, more than 50 young scientists had poster presentations, and 16 of them were selected to give oral presentations of their work.

Opportunity to practice presenting ones research

- In my everyday life I am mostly talking to people within the same narrow field as myself, so I can take it for granted that I will be understood when I talk about what I do. Here, I have to use different words. It's useful, but also challenging, to talk with people from other fields within dentistry. And that's why this experience is good practice!, says Krystyna Anna Liskiewicz, who had a poster presentation at the workshop.

Ahmed Alghani has already attended NYSCO once, and he is happy with the possibility to go back:

- I went to the NYSCO in Finland three years ago. I came back because it's easy for me to travel within the Nordic countries. Also, I think Norwegian clinical research over all is of good quality, because the limitations to clinical tests are less strict here than they are in Finland.

Ahmed Alghani on stage during his presentation
Ahmed Alghani from the University of Turku, Finland, held a presentation on the mass spectometry technique MALDI-TOF. Photo: Fredrik Pedersen, OD/UiO

- It's been a great workshop

Janne Reseland, chairman the workshop, says she has gotten a lot of good feedback from the participants.

- If the participants went home with one new aquaintance, idea, or new knowledge, we have succeded with this meeting.

NYSCO participants on a hilltop with view over the fjord
The participants also got a chance to see the surroundings. Photo: Safiyye Süslü, OD/UiO


  • Best oral presentation: Faleh Abushahba, University of Turku, Finland
    • Bioactive glass air-abrasion enhances wettability and osteoblast proliferation on sandblasted and acid-etched titanium surfaces
  • Best poster: Stavroula Michou, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
    • Caries detection using a 3D intraoral scanner emitting blue light. An in vitro assessment


NYSCO pictures
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