Nine incoming students on 24th February

On Monday the 24th February the Faculty of Dentistry will receive 9 incoming students on the 8th semester, Master`s Degree in Dentistry- programme.

The incoming exchange students at the Faculty of Dentistry 2 years ago visited the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History

In the introduction week the students also visit "Norsk Folkemuseum". The Stave Church from Gol is one of the attractions at Norwegian Museum of Cultural History. This picture is taken of the incoming students in March 2018 (Photo: Kjersti Carlsen, UiO/OD)

These students will stay at the faculty till Monday 25th May. Last year the Faculty of Dentistry (OD) received students from the University of the Western Cape, South- Africa for the first time (2 months).This year they stay for 3 months.


The students will go through an introductory program before they start following the regular schedule in the 8th semester. The program will take about a week, including some days stay at the Preclinic. The welcome -program will be distributed to the responsible at the clinics.

The lecturers in the 8th semester must therefore plan out from the fact that the students follow the regular schedule from Monday 2nd March. Teaching must be organized in English. External lecturers should be informed.

The incoming students and their "buddies"

  • 1 student from Trinity College,Dublin
  • 2 students from Technische Universität Dresden
  • 2 students from Uniwersytet Jagielloński w Krakowie
  • 1 student from Universidad Internacional de Catalunya
  • 2 students from University of Western Cape, Sør- Afrika

Each exchange- student have got a contact person among the students ("buddy") coming from the same clinical group.

Other incoming students

Students in Oral Health Scienses (3rd February 2020 - 6th April 2020)

  • 3 BSc students (Hons) from the Unversity of Edinburgh (Erasmus)

Institutt for oral biologi (29th March- 17th July 2020)

  • 1 Masterstudent from Polytech Clermont - Ferrand, France (Erasmus)

Department of Biomaterials, Institute for Clinical Dentistry

  • 10/2- 2020 -13/7- 2020: 1 Masterstudent from University of Aveiro, Portugal (Erasmus)

Norwegian version

9 innreisende studenter starter opp 24.februar.


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