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Information to employees at the Faculty of Dentistry

Students who are participating in clinical practice and have patients are defined as healthcare professionals due to Norwegian Health Care Law.  In this case, administrative staff are also defined as healthcare professionals. 

Updated June 12. 11:00

Corona guidelines

Our guidelines are based on advice and guidelines from the national health authorities and the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. We have adjusted these according to the complexity in the educational and health treatment nature of our institution.

  • All employees who have travelled beyond Norway's borders must stay home from work and stay in quarantine for 10 days after their return to Norway. This is in line with the guidelines from the Norwegian health authorities.
  • The aim is to reduce the risk of transmitting the disease to health care workers. The health services are especially vulnerable to transmission of the virus, which in turn may be transmitted to the patient groups more at risk.
  • The advice applies retrospectively for all travellers who have returned home from areas with ongoing transmission since 17th February and will be updated as the situation changes. Follow the updated information on quarantine and isolation at
  • Symptoms of COVID-19 may include fever, cough, difficulty breathing or other respiratory symptoms. Learn more about the transmission, incubation time and testing at
  • Employees and students should not go to work when they are ill and must follow basic infection control routines to protect their patients from infection. Good hand hygiene is important. This advice applies generally and is essential in the outbreak of infectious disease.
  • For employees who have been in the area of ​​widespread infection by COVID-19, or who have household members who are suspected cases, additional measures apply:

Digital teaching

Teaching and finals for module 1 are administered by the Medical Faculty (MED). Information regarding this module will be distributed by MED.
All teachers must use week 12 to plan for educational activities from week 13 on.

UiO has established an IT help-desk to assist with digital teaching. Opening hours are 7-20 (9-16 Sat and Sun). The help-desk is serviced by USIT and local IT.

UiO has also published a web page with information about digital teaching.

The Faculty facilitates for three digital platforms: Zoom, Canvas and Inspera.


UiO's preferred platform for digital teaching. It is possible to teach the entire class or smaller groups. Zoom is easily downloaded and is used from your home office. Here are tutorial advices for using Zoom.

Teachers link up to the digital class themselves from the schedule. Use the staff schedule in the scheduling platform TP. Place your marker in the row for the activity. Place the mouse marker over your name, and click the edit button that appears. You will get a dialogue box with "Edit activity", which has the option "Gjør om til digital undervisning". There is a drop-down menu, chose what is most fitting (if you do not use Zoom but a different digital option, state your digital application here).

Further down you will find the box for "Lenker kun for inneværende semesteret (synlig for alle uten innlogging)". Click  +, and then insert the link to your class, where it says  "Webadresse". Now the students can open the link from Mine studier, or from the schedule on the course page (Vortex) and in the scheduling system (TP).


UiO's digital exam platform. It will now be possible to hold shorter or longer home exams. Remember to stay in close dialogue with the Faculty study advisors when planning the exam. Contact the Faculty's study advisors.
Here is tutorial advice to Inspera.

Inspera coordinator at the faculty is Nina Johnsen.


Canvas is used like before but gradually with extended functions. Here is tutorial advice to Canvas.

Canvas coordinator at the faculty is Snezana Popovic.


UiO is making common guidelines for the prolonging of Ph.D.-employments. The Faculty will follow up with each candidate and their supervisor.

How to conduct a digital disputation/public defence is currently being developed. Here is how to prepare for and conduct a digital disputation/public defence.


A website has been established for frequently asked questions about HR and pay (in Norwegian and restricted access). Additions to the page will be ongoing.

Stay updated

General information and guidelines can be found at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health web pages. We recommend that our employees and students in clinical service with patients plan their future travels well and get familiar with the local situation regarding transmission of Corona.

The areas with extensive outbreak of COVID-19 are continuously changing.


UiO covers employee costs in connection with aborted work travels because of the Corona outbreak, and that are not possible to cancel or be refunded for. 

Follow these instructions to be reimbursed:

  1. Collect receipts for hotel, plane tickets, registration fees and similar.
  2. Make a "reiseregning" the usual way
  3. On the first page, you find "Kostnadstilordning". Click "Endre kostnadstilordning" and change the "kostnadssted" to 160002 and "tiltak" to 990076.
  4. Finish the "reiseregningen" and upload your attachments.
  5. When the "reiseregning" is sent for approval, it will go to the Faculty Director, who will approve all the extra costs connected to the Corona outbreak.


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