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Faculty board

The Faculty Board is the supreme organ of the faculty and is responsible for establishing overriding objectives, priorities and strategies.

The current members of the board have been elected for the period 1. January 2021 to 31. December 2024.

The Board is headed by the Dean, who prepares items for consideration by the Board. The Faculty Director acts as secretary to the Board.
All meetings of the are normally held in open session. In certain cases the Board may meet in closed session, with only the Board Members and the Secretary to the Board present.

The Faculty Board exercises its responsibility on the basis of resolutions passed by the University Board, and in accordance with such statutes, regulations and rules that are applicable at any given time.

Representatives Deputy

Dean Tiril Willumsen


Vice Dean, pre-clinical studies and education:
Hans Jacob Rønold


 Linda Z. Arvidsson, Associate Professor


Ståle P. Lyngstadaas, Professor (deputy)

Anders Verket, Associate Professor



Badra Hussain, PhD-candidate



Bente Olin Teigmo, Head Nurse


Natalia Andronova, Research Adviser (1. deputy)

Stud.odont. Malene Bergset Rusten  
Stud.odont. Aya Bajalan Meriam Hemaz (1. deputy)
Stud.tpu.Irmelina Nilsen  
External Representative Erik Normann  
External Representative Line Bakkevig  
Observers with speaking rights: Amer Sehic and Janne Reseland  
Secretary: Maria Dana Hansen Nesteby  


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