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Picture of Håvard Hynne Hynne, Håvard Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Marika Koutsouri Hæreid Hæreid, Marika Koutsouri Dentist Instructor with clinical sp +47 90892250
Picture of Hilde Augusta Wigand Høeg Høeg, Hilde Augusta Wigand Dental Instructor
Picture of Ann Catrin Høyvik Høyvik, Ann Catrin Lecturer +47 97077017
Picture of Harald Høyvik Høyvik, Harald Dental Instructor +47 91158621
Picture of Anne Lise Lund Håheim Håheim, Anne Lise Lund +47 22840380 +47 90113398
Picture of Renuka Fernando Ilekuttige Ilekuttige, Renuka Fernando Tannhelsesekr
Picture of Hanne Kleven Ingstad Ingstad, Hanne Kleven Universitetslektor
Picture of Saffia Allina Iqbal Iqbal, Saffia Allina Dental Instructor
Ismail, Omer-Elfaroug Ibrahim Sid-Ahmed Principal Engineer
Picture of Catherine Joan Jackson Jackson, Catherine Joan
Picture of Arne Eldor Tvedt Jacobsen Jacobsen, Arne Eldor Tvedt Specialist Dentist +47 22852107
Jacobsen, Bente Dental Instructor
Picture of Helén Cecilie Jacobsen Jacobsen, Helén Cecilie Clinical Secretary +47 22852015
Picture of Wenche Jacobsen Jacobsen, Wenche Clinical Secretary +47 22852104
Jahiji, Aferdita Dental Hygienist +47 22852188
Picture of Nikola Jakovljevic Jakovljevic, Nikola Dental Instructor
Picture of Janicke Cecilie Liaaen  Jensen Jensen, Janicke Cecilie Liaaen Professor 22852028 oral surgery, oral medicine, implants, wisdom teeth, saliva, Sjögren's syndrome, rare condtions
Picture of Leif Erling Jensen Jensen, Leif Erling Assistent Faculty Director +47 22852230 +47 91173180 Web page, procects
Jensen, Terese Agustin Dental Instructor
Picture of Kuleba Jeyakumar Jeyakumar, Kuleba Dental Nurse
Picture of Nan Jiang Jiang, Nan Stipendiat +47 22840233
Picture of Anna-Karin Abrahamsson Johansen Johansen, Anna-Karin Abrahamsson Dental Instructor
Johansen, Kim Christian
Johansen, Marie Lindeman Principal Engineer +47 22852065