Lunch seminar with Professor Massimo Costalonga

Professor Massimo Costalonga will give the lecture "Diagnostic and Prognostic Test for Periodontitis and Peri-implantitis"

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The lecture relates to the strategy for the site-specific identification of simple metabolites that are associated with presence or absence of periodontitis using proton-NMR.  The presentation lays the foundation to assess longitudinally the behavior of the metabolites as predictors of disease initiation and disease progression.

Dr  Massimo Costalonga (DMD, PhD, Specialist in Periodontology) is Associate Professor of Periodontology and Oral Biology and  Director of the Advanced Education Program in Periodontology Department of Developmental and Surgical Sciences, University of Minnesota School of Dentistry,  Minnesota. 

Published Aug. 12, 2019 8:59 AM - Last modified Aug. 12, 2019 8:59 AM