International bilateral research cooperation (INT-BILAT)

This programme normally accepts grant applications from:

Institutions, companies and other entities may seek funding for research and development activity from the Research Council. Individuals are normally not eligible to apply for funding.

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Norway has nine priority partner countries outside the EU/EEA: Brazil, Canada, China, India, Japan, Russia, South Africa, Singapore and the US. Bilateral cooperation provides access to global knowledge production and helps to ensure that Norway benefits from the results of international research. Calls for proposals under this activity may address all or some of these countries. They may be directed towards certain target groups and may encompass travel support, fellowships and support for events.

Target Group

Applicants must be Norwegian companies or R&D institutions with existing or recently concluded projects (no more than two years prior to grant application) in the Research Council’s portfolio for industry. Individuals are not eligible to apply for funding. The travel support scheme applies to Innovation Projects for the Industrial Sector, Knowledge-building Projects for Industry, Eurostars projects, projects under the programme Commercialising R&D Results (FORNY2020), the Industrial Ph.D. Scheme, clusters/ cluster partners in the Norwegian Innovation Clusters programme, Centres for Research-based Innovation (SFI), Centres for Environment-friendly Energy Research (FME), Research Centres for Petroleum Activities (PETROSENTER) and the programme Project-oriented Technology Development in the Petroleum Sector (DEMO 2000) (pre-projects do not qualify for support) .

NOK 2 million in travel support to expand industry-oriented R&D cooperation with Brazil, Canada, China, India, Japan, Russia, Singapore, South Africa and the US

What can the funding be used for?

Funding may be used to cover the following costs:
Travel support must be used for direct costs related to travel and accommodation/board in connection with bilateral meetings aimed at finding potential partners for future bilateral, industry-oriented projects. Registration fees for seminars, conferences and the like are also included under the scheme. Travel expenses will be covered in accordance with the State travel allowance scale. Payroll costs and compensation for time are not covered under this scheme.

Amount of Funding

The maximun amount of support per person is NOK 20 000 per calender year. The maximum amount is NOK 100 000 per application. For clusters/cluster partners the maximum amount of support is NOK 100 000 per travel/purpose. The Research Council may cover up to 50 per cent of approved costs Travel support may be sought for a singel event or for multiple events to take place over a 12-month period, but the total amount must not exceed the maximum framework of NOK 100 000 per year. The Research Council will disburse the funding in arrears on the basis of a report documenting the expenses. The application must have a strategic basis in the applicant institution’s future plans for industry-oriented R&D cooperation in the relevant country. This is an independent call for proposals, and the costs related to travel support are not to be entered into the project accounts of the relevant project for which the applicant is receiving/has received funding from the Research Council.


Open-ended application deadline. Funding can be awarded only for costs incurred after the application for travel support was submitted to the Research Council.

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