Student entrepreneurship (STUD-ENT)

Up to NOK 1 million in funding for students with a knowledge-based business idea. Deadline 14th February @ 1pm.

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The STUD-ENT funding scheme seeks to encourage entrepreneurship among students, promote a stronger innovation and entrepreneurship culture in the university and university college sector, and increase the number of knowledge-intensive jobs in Norway.

Under the scheme, students can receive financial support for realising their business ideas and will also gain an understanding of what is required to develop and run viable companies.

The scheme is designed to provide both the Research Council and the university and university college sector with new insight into how to create an effective, well-organised framework for promoting student entrepreneurship. Many universities and university colleges are working actively to support students who have innovative ideas. The scheme makes it possible for the institutions to boost the most promising student business ideas and promote their realisation.

The STUD-ENT scheme is part of the Research Council’s programme Commercialising R&D Results (FORNY2020). The FORNY2020 programme is a public tool for strengthening existing and creating new knowledge- and research-based industrial activities in Norway. One of the programme’s most important tasks is to provide funding for activities at an early stage of commercialisation efforts and make projects customer- and investor-ready. For more information about the programme, see the FORNY2020 work programme.

Projects receiving funding

These projects have been awarded STUD-ENT funding thus far. (In Norwegian only).

This programme/activity normally accepts grant applications from

STUD-ENT funding is targeted towards students and Master’s candidates that have recently completed their Master’s degree and have a knowledge- or research-based business idea. Students must be candidates at Bachelor’s or Master’s degree level, or be recent Master’s degree graduates who received their diploma at the latest 12 months prior to submission of the grant application. 

The grant application must be submitted by a university or university college on behalf of the students, and that institution will serve as the Project Owner during the application process. The students must therefore have a project administrator who is employed at the university or university college and is authorised to approve the STUD-ENT project at the departmental level. The project administrator will submit the grant application from the university or university college on behalf of the students.



Overall budget:

The planned budget for 2018 is NOK 25 million.

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