Research Infrastructures, including e-Infrastructures - Horizon 2020

There are several funding opportunities for developing new, or expanding existing, research infrastructures within Horizon 2020.

Link to the calls

About the Programme

The EU programme for Research Infrastructures' objective is to ensure the implementation and operation of the ESFRI and other worldclass research infrastructures, including the development of regional partner facilities; integration of and access to national research infrastructures; and the development, deployment and operation of e-infrastructures.

The programme will:

  • Support the development of new European research infrastructures

  • Contribute to open access and better utilization of existing national and regional research infrastructure

  • Promote the innovation potential in research infrastructure

  • Reinforce European research infrastructure policy and international cooperation

Call for proposals 2017

Upcoming calls within research infrastructures:

Development and long-term sustainability of new pan-European research infrastructures

Fostering the innovation potential of research infrastructures

Integrating and opening research infrastructures of European interest


Support to policy and international cooperation

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