UiO:Nordic - Strategic funds

In line with UiO:Nordic’s ambitions to generate new knowledge about Nordic characteristics by facilitating excellence in research and UiO's ambitions to increase external funding (cf. UiO2020), UiO:Nordic is calling for applications for strategic funds for three different purposes: 1) funds for workshops, 2) project start-up support, and 3) publishing support.

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Researchers at UiO can apply for up to NOK 20,000 to host an interdisciplinary workshop with the aim of furthering existing collaboration on an application to become a UiO:Nordic research group.

Requirements regarding workshops:

  1. The participants must be academic employees from at least two faculties or similar units at UiO
  2. The participants must be productive and have a good track record
  3. The workshop shall pave the way for and encourage collaborative relationships across disciplines and groups, and must be of academic relevance to UiO:Nordic (cf. the programme plan - [broken] and the programme description)
  4. The workshop shall be carried out in the first half of 2018 with the aim of developing or reworking an application to become a UiO:Nordic research group
  5. Groups / projects that have not previously received similar support will be given priority

You can apply to have seminar expenses covered for academic staff and external partners. Collaboration with Nordic partners is particularly encouraged.

Applications must be submitted electronically using the online form and include the following:

  • Description of planned topics, draft programme and participant list (1–3 pages)
  • Basic budget (NOK 5,000–20,000)

If the purpose of the workshop is to rework a previous application, an account must be provided of the changes, such as how this workshop will help improve the previous application, for example by establishing new collaborative relationships.

Closing date for applications: 15 February 2018

Applications will be processed by a board appointed and led by the management of UiO:Nordic.

Researchers from at least two departments or faculties at UiO with different academic profiles, who are planning to publish interdisciplinary monographs, anthologies, or special issues in scientific journals in line with UiO:Nordic’s profile (as described in the programme plan and programme note) can apply for up to NOK 70,000 in publishing support. In order to apply, the project must be sufficiently developed that there are specific plans for the publication.

  • The project can be realised in several ways:
  • Conference proceedings, where the written material from a conference is published
  • Invited anthology, where individuals are invited to contribute chapters
  • Open anthology, after an open call for papers on a given topic
  • A special issue of a journal containing a number of articles on a given topic, curated by one or more guest editors

Grants are only given for publications that are recognised in the funding system for universities and colleges. The publication must therefore meet all four criteria for academic publication as defined by the Norwegian Publication Indicator (https://npi.nsd.no/). Grants can be sought for publications in Norwegian or English.

We encourage all the projects to be based on an Open Access model in line with UiO’s policy (https://www.uio.no/for-ansatte/arbeidsstotte/fa/kommunikasjon/kanaler-og-profilering/open-access/), but this is not a condition for support.

Support will primarily be granted to cover costs associated with production, such as writing workshops, copy-editing, printing, online publication, etc. Please note that support is not granted to cover author’s fees, peer review fees, payroll costs and release time for editors or authors.

Applications must be submitted electronically using the online form and include:

  • Documentation of an agreement regarding publication by a publishing firm registered in the Norwegian Centre for Research Data (NSD)’s register of authorised scientific publication channels, https://dbh.nsd.uib.no/publiseringskanaler/
  • A description of the planned quality assurance process for the anthology as a scientific publication, including peer review
  • An account of how the requirements for peer review will be met
  • Overview of the members of the editorial team
  • Overview of chapters or articles and contributors (outline of the content / overview of chapters) or a description of how contributors to the anthology are going to be invited and how many chapters / articles the work will comprise
  • Call for papers, where relevant
  • Description of the target group / planned use of the anthology / special issue and distribution
  • Detailed progress plan
  • Detailed budget

Closing date for applications: 15 March 2018

Applications will be processed by a board appointed and led by the management of UiO:Nordic.

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