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Application and admission - PhD

There is more than one way to be admitted to the PhD programme. You can apply for a position as a PhD candidate or you can apply for external funding, and you can be employed by UiO or somewhere else.

You must, in either case, apply for admission to the Faculty's PhD programme when you have funding.

How to apply

  • Requirements for admission
  • What to include in the application
  • Handing in your application

Apply for a research fellowship at the Faculty of Dentistry

PhD positions related to subjects, area of research, projects or basic units are announced by the Institutes with application deadlines. Vacant positions at the Faculty.

If you get a fellowship you will be employed at the University as a PhD candidate while taking your PhD, and you will have the same rights and obligations as other employees. This is regardless of whether the source of funding is UiO, The Research Council of Norway or other funding sources.

You must apply for admission to the PhD programme at the Faculty of Dentistry even though you are employed as a PhD candidate at UiO.

Double competence

The double competence programme offers the opportunity to take specialist training and PhD training simultaneously.

External PhD candidate

You can apply for admission to the programme and be employed at an institution other than UiO.  The project funding may for example come from:

  • a position at a college or another university,
  • a position at another scientific institution with time to do your own research,
  • a position at a university hospital with time to do your own research.

There are no application deadlines.