The KVIT project (completed)

‘KVIT-prosjektet’ was started in 2001 to map out factors relevant for the longevity of dental fillings in the lateral areas of the mouth. 27 dentists in county Hordaland participated in the study, and placed in the period 2001-2004 a total of 4030 fillings in 1912 patients.

The study is a practice-based study in which patients were treated by the dental clinic's normal procedures, and the preparation technique and filling material were the clinician’s own choice. The restorations were evaluated after at least four years. Reasons for possible failures were documented during the four-year period. The Norwegian abbreviation 'KVIT' is short for Quality development in dental practice and also indicates that the study primarily focuses on white (Norwegian: ‘kvit’) fillings. The study can provide a better basis for selection of treatment techniques and filling materials, and thereby contribute to quality improvement in dental care. It is also focused on what influenced dentists' choice of filling material and preparation technique.

A similar study is conducted in Denmark,by the Public dental health service and the University of Copenhagen. One aim is to merge data from Denmark and Norway to a large database of 7000-8000 fillings and be able to make international comparisons.


Grants from The Directorate for Health and Social Affairs


  • Public dental health service in Hordaland Norway
  • Associated professor Vibeke Qvist, University of Copenhagen, Denmark


Tags: Health promotion and disease prevention, Filling materials, Longevity
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Anne Bjørg Tveit


  • Anne Bjørg Tveit
  • Ivar Espelid
  • Simen Eidhammer Kopperud
  • Torunn Gaarden
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