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Clinic for Adult Oral Health Care (ADGEN)

Postal address Postboks 1109 Blindern, 0317 Oslo
Visiting address Geitmyrsveien 71
0455 Oslo
Phone +47 22852074
Org. Unit ID 161710


Name Phone E-mail Tags
Aass, Cecilie Dentist Instructor
Al-Toma, Elham Kahdim Dentist Instructor with clinical sp
Ali Mohamad, Abdulla Dentist Instructor
Amundsen, Simon Furre Dental Instructor
Andersen, Arild Professor Emeritus
Andersen, Heidi Dentist Instructor with clinical sp
Antonsen, Lene Katrin Dental Instructor
Barkvoll, Tom Asbjørn Clinical Director +47 22852068 +47 94816222 (mob)
Berntsen, Nina Skoe Dental Instructor
Bjørkeng, Hege Dental Instructor
Bjørndal, Kari Dental Instructor
Chamczyk, Mateusz Roch Head Engineer +47 22852057
Daatland, Siri Dental Instructor
Demiqi, Luan Dentist Instructor
Dingsør, Gyri Merete Henriksen Dental Instructor
Døving, Lars Martin Dentist Instructor with clinical sp
Elvestad, Per Kristian Dental Instructor
Erenius, Joachim Scott Dental Instructor
Evang, Linda Instruktørtannlege
Fasting, Anna Dental Instructor
Fjeld, Katrine Gahre Specialist Dentist
Ganer, Anders Dentist Instructor with clinical sp
Giving, Erik Børstell Dentist Instructor with clinical sp
Giving, Erika Madeléne Instruktørtannlege
Hammervold, Ida Birgitte Dental Instructor
Hamre, Anne Kristine Dental Instructor
Hanstad, Morten Dental Instructor
Haug, Gisle Christofer Instruktørtannlege
Helgetveit, Åste Roe Dental Instructor +47 90969234 (mob)
Hestvik, Kenneth Stenshol Dental Instructor
Hoftvedt, Martin Christopher Dental Instructor
Homayouni, Amin Dentist Instructor
Hovde, Anne Sofie Dental Instructor
Høeg, Hilde Augusta Wigand Dental Instructor
Høyvik, Harald Dental Instructor +47 91158621 (mob)
Iqbal, Saffia Allina Dental Instructor
Jacobsen, Bente Dental Instructor
Jakovljevic, Nikola Dental Instructor
Katle, Erik
Klemetsen, Tatiana Dental Instructor
Knudsen, Dyveke Haagensen Dentist Instructor with clinical sp
Lae, Anneli Aschim Physiotherapist
Lie, Brita-Karin Dentist Instructor with clinical sp
Linde, Veslemøy Dentist Instructor with clinical sp
Lunde, Unn-Mari Instruktørtannlege
Macqueen, Aurora Steiro Student
Myrhaug, Thomas Hilmar Dentist Instructor with clinical sp
Nupen, Målfrid Dental Instructor
Ohm, Elin Dental Instructor
Oulie, Lillian
Petronijevic, Nikola Dentist Instructor
Prøsch, Gry Steinsvoll Dentist Instructor
Qayoom, Arsalan
Rakovic, Nenad Principal Engineer
Rikter, Monika Kristina Dental Instructor
Rikvold, Lene Thestrup Inst.tannl.m/spes
Roushan, Andre Dentist Instructor with clinical sp
Rusthen, Shermin Dentist Instructor
Samuelsen, Tea Marie Brandrud Student
Sesartic, Nikola Principal Engineer
Skagmo, Anja Dental Instructor
Skare, Kariann Instruktørtannlege
Steinbakken, Hans Gunnar Dental Instructor
Stenbråten, Cecilie Dental Instructor
Strand, Erik M Professor Emeritus
Stueland, Håvard Inst.tannl.m/spes
Sundar, Linn-Kjersti Dentist Instructor
Systad, Kari Anne Instruktørtannlege
Sørlie, Unni Tjugum Strand Dental Instructor
Sørum, Anne-Karine Dental Instructor
Verket, Øyvind Dental Instructor
Øen, Victoria
Øren, Anne Kristin Karlsen Dental Instructor