Staff at the Department of Biomaterials

Scientists wishing to contribute to our vision are always welcome to contact us. For further information about employment, research stay or similar, please contact Head of Department Håvard J. Haugen.


Name Position E-mail
Sonny Langseth-Manrique Executive Officer sonnyml[at]

Research Staff

Name Position E-mail
Håvard J. Haugen Head of department h.j.haugen[at]
Janne Elin Reseland Laboratory director j.e.reseland[at]
S. Petter Lyngstadaas Professor spl[at]
Jonny J Blaker Professor II j.j.blakerl[at]
Hanna Tiainen Associate professor hanna.tiainen[at]
Claudio Mortier Postdoctoral fellow claudio.mortier[at]
Dung Tien Nguyen Postdoctoral fellow d.t.nguyen[at]
Anne Klemm PhD student anne.klemm[at]
Arooj Munir PhD student arooj.munir[at]
Badra Hussain PhD student badra.hussain[at]
Elisabeth Wiig PhD student elisabeth.wiig[at]
Florian Weber PhD student[at]
Maria Schröder PhD student
Maryam Rahmati PhD student maryam.rahmati[at]
Minh K.L. Thieu PhD student m.k.l.thieu[at]
Paweł Kałłas PhD student pawel.kallas[at]
Safiyye Süslü PhD student safiyye.suslu[at]
Tianxiang Geng PhD student tianxiang.geng[at]
Yang Yang PhD student yang.yang[at]
Anne Agger Researcher a.e.agger[at]
Barbora Vagaska Researcher barbora.vagaska[at]
Mehrnaz B. Maal Research student mehrnab[at]
Aina-Mari Lian Head engineer a.m.lian[at]
Alejandro Barrantes Senior engineer a.b.bautista[at]
Catherine Heyward Senior engineer c.a.heyward[at]
Liebert Nogueira Chief engineer l.p.nogueira[at]
Mousumi Sukul Principal engineer mousumi.sukul[at]

Guest researchers

Name Home institution

Affiliated researchers

Name Home institution
Alamelu (Lalita) Sundaresan Texas Southern University / USRA
Eduardo Silva University of California Davis
Jessica Lönn-Stensrud Science Library (UiO)
Jiri Vondrasek Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry
Marta Monjo University of the Balearic Islands

Our alumni

Name PhD Where are they now?
Sigrid Haugen 2020  
Aman S Chahal 2020 NTNU, Norway
Manuel Schweikle 2019 CLEX BIO, Norway
Gaute F Johnsen 2019 Private dental practice, Norway
Maziar G Shabestari 2018 TkØ, Norway
Øystein Stakkestad 2018 Oslo University Hospital, Norway
David Wiedmer 2017 Biotronik, Switzerland
Sebastian Geißler 2017 MED-EL, Austria
Rivan Sidaly 2016 Private dental practice, Norway
Anders Verket 2016 Dept. of Periodontology, UiO, Norway
Benjamin Müller 2016 Osteology Foundation, Switzerland
Oscar Villa 2016 University of the Balearic Islands, Spain
Helen Pullisaar 2015 Dept. of Orthodontics, UiO, Norway
Rui Xing 2014 NAMSA, Australia
Matthias Frank 2013 Lab1886, Germany
Martin Walter 2013 Zimmer, Switzerland
Christiane Petzold 2012 Leibniz Institute for New Materials, Germany
Caspar Wohlfahrt 2012 Dept. of Periodontology, UiO, Norway
Sébastien Taxt-Lamolle 2010 Semcon, Norway
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