Funding for collaboration with TSU

Two candidates will go to Dr. Sundaresan's lab at Texas Southern University in 2013.

Two PhD candidates will each conduct a research stay in Houston at the Texas Southern University in 2013. They will be studying under  Dr. Alamelu (Lalita) Sundaresan at the Department of Biology, TSU.

The Department of Biology (TSU) are in collaboration with NASA-Johnson Space Center, focussed on the biological effects of microgravity and radiation on astronauts. Bone loss has been documented for many years in microgravity (1-2% a month). Increased bone loss and risk of fractures is an identified risk in the Bioastronautics critical roadmap for long term cosmic missions to the moon and mars.

Dr. Sundaresan has developed a 3D cell culture using a specialized rotating-wall vessel culture system to address a more physiologically relevant model to the human body.

To finance their research Sigrid Haugen har recived funding from MLS and Hanna Tiainen has recived support from RCN. Furthermore, Dr. Alamelu will visit Oslo in March 2013 to hold a lecture for Oslo Priority Talks and at the SCSB's 6th annual meeting.

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Published Nov. 27, 2012 1:57 PM - Last modified May 31, 2019 12:47 PM