Department recives another grant!

The Department has recived a grant of 300 000 Euros and will buy a brand new confocal microscope with the funding.

Image: Slipper limpet embryo from Zeiss Microscopy

On-going rsearch at the department combines basic knowledge in materials science with state-of-the-art molecular biological research, including work on stem cells and regenerative processes, for generating new scientific insight that can form the basis for future novel strategies for treatment of skeletal conditions. A new confocal laser microscope will enable us to improve the analysis of events related to tissue healing and growth.

One of the areas where we will use to new confocal laser microscope is our bank of primary human cells of mesenchymal origin, which is one of Norway's largest. We are currently building up a bank of cells from oral soft tissue to generate knowledge about soft tissue interactions around implanted materials.






Published June 14, 2013 8:00 AM