Dr. Haugen joins a new editorial board

Dr. Håvard J. Haugen joins the editorial board of the Journal of Tissue Engineering.


Dr. Håvard J. Haugen has accepted the reguest to join the editorial board at the Journal of Tissue Engineering. The journal is an Open Access journal with a aim to provide an open access and rigorously peer-reviewed forum for the publication of scientific research in the field of tissue engineering and its clinical application. Its current editors-in-Chief is Hae-Won Kim (Dankook University, Korea) and Jonathan Knowles (University College London, United Kingdom).

The journal has broad ranging interests from the fundamentals of stem cells and progenitor cells and their expansion to viable numbers coupled with an understanding of their differentiation, the utilisation of bioreactors for three dimensional culture and studies of phenotypic changes, particularly in stem and progenitor cells, both short and long term, ex vivo and in vivo implantation both in preclinical models and also in clinical trials.

More information about the journal can be found here.



Published June 5, 2013 2:45 PM - Last modified Jan. 7, 2020 3:00 PM