Eurostars - NuGel

The department will be partner in another Eurostars project: NuGel

The Department of Biomaterials will be partner in a new Eurostars project: NuGel. The project aim to develop a gel formulation that allows for a more effective removal of biofilms on bone implant surfaces. This will successfully treat peri-implantitis. The treatment will involve a combination of chemo-mechanical debridement and a light device that is able to re-activate the implant surface. The system will combine bactericidal gel to enhance the cleansing effect in combination with a light device.

Collaboraters in the project

  • Corticalis AS
  • The Department of Biomaterials, University of Oslo
  • BactInact AB
  • Uppsala University
Tags: NuGel, Eurostars, Peri-implantitis, Gel, Håvard Haugen, Antibacterials, Stomatology, Inflammation
Published Aug. 13, 2013 10:51 AM