Summer intern from France

Jean-Baptiste Sourbets from Polytech Nantes joined our group this summer to investigate the effect of cation doping on TiO2 scaffold properties.

Meet our summer intern Jean-Baptiste

During my engineering studies at Polytech Nantes, I have learnt a lot about about mechanical testing and different materials, such as ceramics and metals, and I had the opportunity to stay at the Department of Biomaterials University of Oslo to work with ceramic TiO2 scaffold. In this internship, I was able to expand my knowledge about ceramics, and especially about all the properties of the TiO2 scaffolds that can use for bone repair. I stayed at the Department of Biomaterials in Oslo from June until end of August 2018 to write an internship report on the effect of changes in the manufacturing protocol for making the TiO2 scaffolds on their microstructural and mechanical properties.

What has he learned during his stay in Oslo?

When I worked in this laboratory, I learnt a lot about the ceramic and how can be used to regenerate the bone in the jaw and around dental implants. Furthermore, the good environment in the laboratory allowed me to learn a lot about biology which is not part of my current engineering studies.

This project was really interesting because I used a lot of different analysis tools that I have previously learned about during my studies, such as scanning electron microscopy and mechanical testing, and that can be very useful for my future research project. In addition, I discovered other techniques that I had never used or studied before such as microCT, which gave me a supplementary knowledge for the rest of my studies.

To conclude, the project that I have been doing for 3 months gathered a lot of different subject and experiences that gave me a lot of motivation to come every day to the lab and explore this interesting project.


Photos by Florian Weber / UiO

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Published Sep. 29, 2018 7:53 PM - Last modified Nov. 18, 2022 2:46 PM