Award for best microCT video

Liebert Parreiras Nogueira  won the movie award for best video at a international microCT conference in Mechelen, Belgium. The Department of Biomaterials congratulates Liebert on this accomplishment.

Liebert Parreiras Nogueira attended this week the Bruker micro-CT Users Meeting 2019 and on the last day of this international conference Liebert was given the award for best microCT video at the gala dinner. The competition amongst the acclaimed microCT scientists was hard and we are very proud that our Liebert managed to get the best prize. This conference presented showcases of  state-of-the-art applications in both life and material sciences, and provides the latest news about microCT systems and software.

Liebert is in charge of our micro and nanoCT technology platform.  He uses these machines in his research which is focused on biomaterial interactions with tissue and X-ray contrast enhancement. Liebert is also in charge of the University of Oslo hub in the  newly established Norwegian Centre for Nanoscale X-ray Tomography

The video that won the best movie award is showing the osseointegration of bone onto a  titanium dental implant in an collaborating project together with Prof. Mariano Sanz and Javier Sanz at Universidad Complutense Madrid. The video  presents a new method of displaying and quantifying the bone-to-implant contact (BIC).

Tags: Biomaterials, bone regeneration, peri-implantitis, microCT By Håvard Haugen
Published June 7, 2019 1:38 PM - Last modified Dec. 14, 2020 10:36 AM