Erasmus student from Germany

Torben Hildebrand from University of Hanover joined our group for five months to perform high-resolution 3D x-ray imaging of tooth structures.

Meet our Erasmus student Torben

During my master studies in biomedical engineering at the Leibniz University Hanover, I had the chance to join the Department of Biomaterials to work on a research project for about five months. Thanks to a good collaboration between my home department, the Institute for Multiphase Processes (IMP), and the Department of Biomaterials, my exchange could be organised without any problems, and I had the great opportunity to complement my existing knowledge on biomaterial characterisation by doing a research project that focused on the 3D characterisation of the ultrastructure of dentin.

What has he learned during his stay in Oslo?

During my project, I have gained knowledge in several useful methods, such as electron microscopy, x-ray spectroscopy, and especially high-resolution x-ray microtomography, which can all be used to characterise complex biomaterial samples. I would like to thank my supervisor Liebert, who gave me a deep understanding of the physical working principle and the practical use of the nanoCT system, including the processing of the generated image datasets. These scientific skills will surely help me in my future career as a biomedical engineer.

In addition, the always ambitious and helpful team at the lab not only provided a good learning atmosphere but also created a place to feel comfortable and welcome. The great social atmosphere, chance to attend many scientific seminars on different topics, scientific discussions and a multicultural environment made my stay unforgettable and I would always come back!


Photos by Florian Weber / UiO

Tags: Biomaterials, Erasmus+, student exchange, internationalisation, nanoCT By Hanna Tiainen
Published Jan. 23, 2019 7:27 PM - Last modified Jan. 23, 2019 7:27 PM