High impact summer

During the summer scientists at the department has gotten two papers published in two pretigous journals. In collaboration with the USA and China, the Department of Biomaterials has published articles in Chemical Society Review and  Progress in Materials Science.

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The paper from the department was awarded with inside front cover from August edition of Chemical Society Review

Biological responses to physicochemical properties of biomaterial surface

Biomedical researchers are inspired by chemically driven processes found in nature to develop biomaterials such as promising diagnostic tools, therapeutic solutions or tissue replacements. The article includes a. imagine biocompatibility in the context of chemistry, what it is and how we should assess it. The researchers describe contributions from both biochemical signals and biomaterials, as well as how they can harmonize them. It also addresses biochemical signal transduction pathways and engineering principles for the design of biomaterials with emphasis on surface physicochemistry.  

The authors of the article "Biological responses to physicochemical properties of biomaterial surface" are Maryam Rahmati, Eduardo A. Silva, Janne E. Reseland, Catherine A. Heyward and Håvard J. Haugen.

Eduardo A. Silva has had a research term at the Department of Biomaterials this year, and it has been a fruitful collaboration. He will return to the University of California, Davis at the end of the summer.

Read the full paper here

Electrospinning for Tissue Engineering Applications

Many efforts have been recently dedicated to provide three-dimensional scaffolds for tissue engineering. Among these, electrospinning is one of the most useful techniques. Over the past few decades, many nanofibrous scaffolds have been developed for various biomedical applications, such as tissue regeneration and therapeutic agent delivery. The present article aims to provide an in-depth understanding of the applicability of electrospinning in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine by highlighting the most recent studies in this field.

The consortium behind this paper are from Jinan University, Columbia University Medical Center, National University of Singapore, Iran University of Medical Sciences  and  Louisiana Tech University. Our Maryam Rhamati is the first author.

Read the full paper here

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Maryam Rahmati
First author of the two recent published papers
Published Aug. 31, 2020 8:00 AM - Last modified Nov. 18, 2022 3:26 PM