Gaute on the cover page of International Endodontic Journal

Gaute and co-workers made the cover page of the International Endodontic Journal i the June edition

Gaute Johnsen in front of his opponent Gustavo de Deus

When Gaute F. Johnsen defended his thesis last year, one of his opponent, Prof Gustavo de Deus, invited Gaute into a collaboration together his Brazilian colleagues, Marco Simões Carvalho, Daniele Cavalcante, Emmanuel Silva, Erick Souza, Felipe Belladonna, Marco Versiani & Sidnei Paciornik. This work resulted in a publication in International Journal of Endodontics. The editor chose to use images from this study on the coverpage

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This paper address the  major challenge in creating well‐balanced experimental groups for comparative endodontic studies is the variations in the intricate anatomy that may exist in a randomized group of teeth. Therefore, one important goal of ex vivo laboratory experiments must be to create a feasible method able to overcome the inherent internal variation in natural human teeth. The conclusion of the study was that micro‐CT method was able to provide better control of the confounding effect that anatomical variances in tooth morphology may have on the results in experiments with pair‐matched design. The findings are accordance to work that Gaute did in his PhD. Congratulation to Gaute for his achievements.

Published June 17, 2020 12:56 PM - Last modified June 17, 2020 1:50 PM