Sunny days ahead for the lab!

After a long wait, the sun is shining on us again and our lab is getting back to more or less normal activity over the summer. 

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Even scientists need regular exposure to sun to ensure sufficient vitamin D level to boost up our immune system. Ice cream break seemed like a good excuse to do exactly that. With appropriate physical distancing.
Time to remove all the accumulated dust from those safety goggles! 

After an long spell of almost complete inactivity, life has gradually been returning to our lab during the past month. All those experiments that had to be quite literally put on ice back in March can now resume and new results are being slowly but surely generated again at the lab. New research students are being trained and are quickly becoming budding scientists, who we will hopefully see back at the lab again to do more research in the future. We hope that spark will never die out!  

The two months of unplanned home office during this spring were also put to good use by our PhD students and researchers to come up with new ideas and plan new experiments that can now finally become realised. It will be a busy summer at the lab for most of our researchers and summer students, but we will all do our very best to maintain a safe and enjoyable working environment.

So everyone at the lab: please remember to wash your hands thoroughly, clean up your work area, keep your distance, and eat ice cream in the sun whenever the weather is good!  

Life has returned to the lab!


All photos by Florian Weber, except for the ice cream break by Janne Reseland.

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Published June 29, 2020 6:28 PM - Last modified Nov. 18, 2022 3:27 PM