Another PhD from the department!

Maria H Pham has publicly defended her doctoral dissertation Cellular responses to fluoride modified titanium surfaces. Department of Biomaterials congratulates Maria on her great achievement!

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Maria H Pham defended her thesis digitally

Thesis summary

Dental implant treatment therapy was developed to replace missing teeth, and these titanium implants are designed to be screwed into the jawbone. Modification of the titanium surface that involves physicochemical alteration or coating can improve the quality of the implant.  The implant surface is in contact with the tissue and hence responds directly to the implant/tissue interface. Cellular response depends on the biomaterial surface roughness and surface chemistry, which can affect the bone growth and survival success rates.

Clinically studies have shown that fluoride modified dental implants have better bone growth compared to unmodified surfaces. In recent studies, Pham et al. did analysis of chemical composition and surface topography after hydrofluoric acid treatment on titanium surfaces. Investigation on the cellular responses on this titanium surface to confirm the clinically acknowledgment were done, involving both bone cells and soft tissue cells. The complement system is a part of the immune system that enhances the ability to remove microbes and damaged cells, and promotes inflammation. By utilising a buffy coat model in this study, the complement system and its components was investigated in response of the surface modified titanium. 

Maria has combined residency in oral and maxillofacial surgery together with Ph.D research.

Evaluation committee

  • Docent Omar Omar, Department of Biomaterials, Sahlgrenska academy, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Professor Annika Rosén, Institute for Clinical Dentistry, University of Bergen
  • Professor Carl Hjortsjö, University of Oslo


All photos by Håvard J Haugen.
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Published Mar. 19, 2021 4:00 PM - Last modified Mar. 21, 2021 2:14 PM