Manuel Schweikle

Doctoral Research Fellow - Biomaterial Science
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Visiting address Geitmyrsveien 71 None 0455 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 1109 Blindern 0317 OSLO
Other affiliations Faculty of Dentistry (Student)

Academic Interests

Biomaterials, Tissue Regeneration, Bone Regeneration, Hydrogels, Nanoparticles, Controlled Drug Delivery, Proteolytic Degradability, Cell Adhesion, Growth Factors, Periimplantitis, Periodontitis


Manuel graduated with a Master of Science degree (Dipl.-Ing.) in Mechanichal Engineering from Technical University of Munich, Germany, in 2013. During his studies he focused on medical applications and polymer engineering. For his master thesis he worked on nano-scaled drug delivery systems for controlled release of antibiotics at the University of Oslo.

Currently Manuel is involved in research on injectable hydrogels for bone regeneration. Within his PhD project emphasis lies on modifying synthetic scaffold materials to mimic the physical and chemical properties of the natural extracellular matrix and delivering intrinsically disordered peptides to facilitate tissue regeneration.

Tags: Drug Delivery, Hydrogels, Bone Regeneration, Biomaterials


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  • Bjørnøy, Sindre Hove; Bassett, David; Schweikle, Manuel; Strand, Berit Løkensgard; Tiainen, Hanna; Ucar, Seniz; Andreassen, Jens-Petter & Sikorski, Pawel (2017). Bioinspired mineralization of hydrogels.
  • Schweikle, Manuel; Bjørnøy, Sindre Hove; Zinn, Thomas; Lund, Reidar; Sikorski, Pawel & Tiainen, Hanna (2017). In situ mineralising injectable hydrogels for bone repair.
  • Schweikle, Manuel; Bjørnøy, Sindre Hove; Zinn, Thomas; Lund, Reidar; Sikorski, Pawel & Tiainen, Hanna (2017). Mineralised injectable hydrogels for bone regeneration.
  • Schweikle, Manuel; Zinn, Thomas; Lund, Reidar & Tiainen, Hanna (2017). Injectable hydrogel scaffold for regenerative treatment of peri-implantitis defects.
  • Schweikle, Manuel; Hartvig, Rune Andersen; Zinn, Thomas & Tiainen, Hanna (2016). Tuning gelation kinetics and mechanical properties of a synthetic extracellular matrix substitute.
  • Schweikle, Manuel; Hartvig, Rune; Zinn, Thomas & Tiainen, Hanna (2016). Injectable hydrogel scaffold for bone regeneration: gelation and mechanical properties.
  • Chahal, Aman Singh; Schweikle, Manuel; Tiainen, Hanna; Koldsland, Odd Carsten; Reseland, Janne Elin & Haugen, Håvard Jostein (2015). Cell-responsive Biomimetic Extracellular Matrix Material for Bone and Dental Pulp Tissue Regeneration.
  • Schweikle, Manuel; Tiainen, Hanna & Haugen, Håvard Jostein (2015). Development of poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid)-based nanoparticles as a drug delivery system for bone regeneration implants.
  • Schweikle, Manuel; Tiainen, Hanna & Haugen, Håvard Jostein (2015). Poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid)-based nanoparticles as drug delivery systems for doxycycline hyclate and simvastatin for the treatment of inflammation-caused bone resorption.

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