Pawel Kallas

Academic Interests

Biomaterials, Biopolymers, Surface Modification and Characterisation

Higher education and employment history

Pawel graduated with a Master of Science degree in Chemical Technology from West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin, Poland, in 2016.

Before joining Biomaterial Lab as a PhD student, he had done internships at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm University and University of Oslo, in framework of Erasmus + programme.

His PhD project is focused on investigating bacterial adhesion on patterned surfaces in collaboration with NIOM and Chalmers University of Technology.


  • Nordic Institute of Dental Materials (NIOM)
  • Chalmers University of Technology (Gothenburg, Sweden)


  • “Best Young Author of the Year” for 2020-2021 Award by Biomaterial Investigations in Dentistry for article “Effect of silica nano-spheres on adhesion of oral bacteria and human fibroblasts”


Kallas, PawelValen, HåkonHulander, MatsGadegaard, NikolajStormonth-Darling, JohnO'Reilly, PadraicThiede, BerndAndersson, Martin & Haugen, Håvard Jostein (2022). Protein-coated nanostructured surfaces affect the adhesion of Escherichia coli. Nanoscale. 14, 7736-7746. doi:

Kallas, Pawel; Haugen, Håvard Jostein; Gadegaard, Nikolaj; Stormonth-Darling, John; Hulander, Mats & Andersson, Martin [Show all 7 contributors for this article] (2020). Adhesion of Escherichia Coli to Nanostructured Surfaces and the Role of Type 1 Fimbriae. Nanomaterials. ISSN 2079-4991. 10(11). doi: 10.3390/nano10112247Full text in Research Archive

Kallas, Pawel; Kang, Hua; Valen, Håkon; Haugen, Håvard Jostein; Andersson, Martin & Hulander, Mats (2020). Effect of silica nano-spheres on adhesion of oral bacteria and human fibroblasts. Biomaterial Investigations in Dentistry. 7(1), p. 134–145. doi: 10.1080/26415275.2020.1816175Full text in Research Archive

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