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Academic Interests

Blaker has an academic position at The University of Manchester since 2014. He established the Bio-Active Materials Group in 2014. Principle research areas are i) Bio-inspired hierarchical composite materials and ii) Advanced materials derived from synthetic biology, with an emphasis on medical and defence applications. Active lines of research include bioactive medical materials, mask-less digital photolithography for 3D printing/patterning surfaces, development of bio-inks for 3D printing/biofabrication, the exploitation surfaces and interfaces for materials production, processing of fibres, especially nanofibres via solution blow spinning including silks derived from synthetic biology, as well as shape-morphing composites. Blaker has a professor II position at the Department of Biomaterials since 2019.

Higher education and employment history

Blaker obtained his Ph.D. in Materials for bone tissue engineering from Imperial College London, UK in 2007; Prof. Aldo Boccaccini was the main supervisor. He received M.Sc. Composite Materials (Aeronautics, The Composite Centre) from the same institution in 2002.

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