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DeMiCa (Developmental, Microbiological, Cancer) is a research group at the Institute of Oral Biology with researchers from different fields of human biology collaborating in projects related to oral pathology, - microbiology, - immunology, - physiology, craniofacial development and related to dentistry.


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About the group

DeMiCa (Developmental, Microbiological, Cancer) is a newly established research group at the department consisting of researchers from different fields of biology. The aim with the collaboration is to combine our knowledge in research projects within oral biology based on the knowledge that the human microbiota seems to be important in conditions that is not only related to infection. Although, cardiovascular disease for many years has been accepted to be modified by bacteria in its development, the scientific literature shows an increasing number of other examples linking bacteria to other non-infectious conditions.

The development of oropharyngeal cancer has recently been linked to some bacterial species from the oral microbiota, while Sjøgrens syndrome and hyposalivation may be affected by the change in the composition of the microflora in these conditions. Rheumatoid arthritis has for many years been considered an autoimmune disease. In the last decade, however, bacteriae also seem to play a modifying role in this group of diseases. For Alzheimers disease, especially one bacterium from the periodontal microbiota is able to spread to the brain via the cardiovascular system and  may take part in disease progression. These examples has forced the researchers to change their viewpoint with all the new data that come up from the latest research.

The collaboration in this group represent knowhow and experience in a large number of advanced molecular methods that is necessary for doing biological research of today.

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