Participants in DeMiCa

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Hilde Galtung Professor +47 22840338 morphogenesis, organogenesis, aquaporins, cell volume regulation, salivary gland physiology
Linda Hildegard Bergersen Professor +47 22840288 +47 97032049 (mob) Brain and nervous system, Signal transmission in the nervous system, Brain metabolism, Physical activity and brain function
Zlatko Dembic Professor +47 22840330 DNA, Immunogenetics, Immunoregulation, Craniofacial biology, Respiratory infection, Epithelial cancer, RT-PCR
Magne Bryne Professor +47 22840373 invasion, miRNA, oral cancer, migation, invasive front, 3D models
Tine Merete Søland Associate Professor +47 22840376 Pathology
Trude Marie Haug Professor +47 22844414 OD2100, physiology, TP1100, electrophysiology, OD2200
Thomas Michel Kuntziger Professor +47 22840383 Chromatin, cancer, phosphatases, signaling, P. gingivalis
Amer Sehic Professor +47 22840352 +47-95752912
Roger Gustav Simm Head of Department +47 22840337 Biofilm, Antimicrobial resistance, Host-microbe interactions, Microbe-microbe interactions, Virulence, Molecular microbiology, c-di-GMP
Morten Enersen Associate Professor +47 22840316 Microbiology, periodontitis, dental implant, biofim, bioinformatics, oral hygiene
Tor Paaske Utheim Professor Regenerative medicine, stem cells, oral mucosa, cornea, dry eyes
Yiqing Cai Head Engineer +47 22840329
Ann-Kristin Ruus Head Engineer +47 22840326 Chemical handling, organ culture, purchasing, cell culture, Western Blott (WB), PCR & Q-PCR, RNA isolation
Hanne Margrete Weidemann Head Engineer
Ngoc Ky Cuong Khuu Senior Engineer +47 22840374
Ann-Kristin Molværsmyr Senior Engineer +47 22840319 transfection, subcloning, organ culture, Western Blott (WB), Real-time PCR, Reportergen assay, cell culture, immunoprecipitation
Anne Karin Kristoffersen Senior Engineer +47 22840279 Biofilm, microbial diagnostics, protein purification, Microbiology, DNA-isolation, signalling, 16S rRNA sequencing
Agnieszka Rogala Stipendiat +47 22840351
Md Mahdi Hasan Head Engineer +47 22851320 Scanning Electron Microscopy,  CLEM,  3D imaging,  STED,  Expansion Microscopy