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Sapkota's Lab

The overall aim is to identify oral cancer related biomarkers through comprehensive basic research on cancer cell-lines and clinical material and to test and validate the identified biomarkers for future translational applications.

Mikroskopbilde av kreftceller

Gradual loss of S100A16. Expression from tumor centre to the invading front of oral squamous cell carcinoma. Photo: Dipak Sapkota, IOB/UiO.

About the group

The focus of the group is to better understand the biology of oral precancer (potentially malignant oral disorders) and cancer using comprehensive molecular techniques (mRNA, miRNA, protein analyses) and to identify molecular biomarkers for risk assessment of oral precancer and personalized management of oral cancer.



  1. S100A14 and S100A16 proteins in oral cancer: Functional roles, prognostic and therapeutic values.
  2. Development and validation of immunohistochemistry based Quantative Malignancy Index Diagnostic System (qMIDS) for oral cancer diagnostics and personalized therapy.
  3. Biomarkers in potentially malignant oral lesions.
  4. miRNA in oral cancer stroma: expression profile, functional roles and prognostic value.
  5. Role of H. Pylori in oral carcinogenesis.
  6. Epidemiological study of head and neck cancer in Nepal.



  • Professor Daniela, University of Bergen, Norway
  • Tine M. Søland, Institute of oral biology, UiO        
  • Professor Tor U. Paaske, Institute of Oral Biology, University of Oslo
  • Senior researcher Ove Bruland, Haukeland University Hospital


  • Associate professor Bengt Hasséus, Institute of Odontology, Sahlgrenska Academy,
    University of Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Lecturer MT Teh, Centre for Clinical and Diagnostic Oral Sciences, Queen Mary University of London, UK (qMIDS project).
  • Senior pathologist Dr. Hari P Dhakal (Nepal Cancer Hospital) and Dr C.B. Pun and Dr. Dej Gautam, B.P. Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital (BPKMCH), Bharatpur, Nepal.
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Institute of Oral Biology
Domus Odontologica
Sognsvannsveien 10
0372 Oslo

Group leader

Group members

Current PhD candidates

Previous PhD candidate

  • Israa Ahmed  (defended PhD thesis in 2017: title of the thesis: Identification of prognostic biomarkers for oral squamous cell carcinoma)

Current master and bachelor students

  • Rashmi Gajurel
  • Aurora Macqueen
  • Marta R. Jacobsen
  • Christoffer Andersen
  • Bhavdeep Singh

Previous bachelor students

  • Mahesh Thapa
  • Ida Bøe and Thu Hoai


Guest researcher

  • Associate professor Burcu Toközlü (Department of Oral Pathology, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Gazi, Turkey).