Microbiological Diagnostic Service

At the Institute for Oral Biology, The Faculty of Odontology, University of Oslo, a microbiological diagnostic service for dental health care personnel was established in 1991.

It had modest beginnings and comprised traditional laboratory diagnostic examinations of bacteria and fungi. The service has gradually expanded so that it now covers a number of fields. Instrumental analytical chemistry equipment has been acquired, and molecular biological techniques have been implemented. Samples can now be submitted to direct diagnostic testing without cultivation. We have moved into new premises at the National Hospital at Gaustad and have expanded our capacity.

At the Faculty in Oslo, the service is used for both routine diagnostic testing and research. The undertaking is a non-profit venture. This entails that revenues from operation are expected to cover all expenses, including articles of consumption and salaries for employees.

In addition to dental health personnel, our services will be made available to doctors, veterinarians, companies, tattoo/piercing institutes, etc. All of these will be able to send us clinical and biological samples for analysis.

Published Nov. 4, 2010 3:11 PM - Last modified Oct. 16, 2018 10:47 AM