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Images 51 and 63 are copyright assistant professor Edward B. Messelt.
Images 62 and 64 are copyright professor Steinar Risnes.
Images 53, 54 and 56-61 are copyright professor Randi F. Klinge

These images are copyrighted by their respective owners.


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  1. Nikon Eclipse 600 microscope
  2. ColorView 12 digital camera



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  • Edward B. Messelt (assistant professor)
  • Randi F. Klinge (Professor)
  • Steinar Risnes (Professor)
  • Stinar Stølen (Avd. ingeniør)
  • Marie Wika (assistant professor)
  • Institute of Oral Biology (IOB), UiO
  • Tannlegeundervisningens fond
  • Per Olav Nergaard
  • Sveinung Lillehaug (Stud. med)


  • Sunniva Mørstad (Førstesekretær)
  • Elisabeth Kjøle (Avdelingsingeniør. Oral anatomi.)
  • Merete Falck (Kontorsjef, IOB)
  • Kristin Helene Nielsen (Stud. odont.)
  • Henrik Ormåsen (IT-konsulent, IOB)
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