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Blich, Marthe Marie Dental Instructor
Picture of Inger Johanne S. Blix Blix, Inger Johanne S. Associate Professor +47-22852097
Picture of Meryem Boughaba Boughaba, Meryem Dental Nurse
Picture of Jelena Bozovic Bozovic, Jelena Dental Nurse
Picture of Anne Sofie Brath Brath, Anne Sofie Dental Instructor +47-92459501
Picture of Alexander Bremnes Bremnes, Alexander Head Engineer
Brochmann, Ane Storhaug Dental Instructor
Picture of Pål Brodin Brodin, Pål Professor Emeritus +47-22840317 +47-99732419 saliva, nerve damage, physiology, chewing, salivary glands
Brungar, Guri Dalheim Clinical Secretary
Picture of Ingvild Johnsen Brusevold Brusevold, Ingvild Johnsen Associate Professor +47-22852158
Picture of Magne Bryne Bryne, Magne Professor +47-22840373 invasion, miRNA, oral cancer, migation, invasive front, 3D models
Picture of Johanne Bye Bye, Johanne Dental Hygienist +47-22852262
Picture of Liliana Diaz Byfuglien Byfuglien, Liliana Diaz Executive Officer +47-22852215
Picture of Mirela Cacan Cacan, Mirela Senior Executive Officer +47-22852284
Picture of Yiqing Cai Cai, Yiqing Head Engineer +47-22840329
Picture of Kjersti Elisabeth Carlsen Carlsen, Kjersti Elisabeth Adviser +47-22852228
Picture of Aman Singh Chahal Chahal, Aman Singh Doctoral Research Fellow Tissue Regeneration, Biomaterials, Stem Cell Biology
Chamczyk, Mateusz Roch Head Engineer +47-22852057
Chen, Xiangjun Postdoctoral Fellow
Cvejic, Dijana Clinical Secretary
Picture of Bjørn Einar Dahl Dahl, Bjørn Einar Lecturer +47-22852009
Picture of Jon Einar Dahl Dahl, Jon Einar Professor II +47-22852162 +47-22852213
Picture of Emily Caroline Alves Dahlbo Dahlbo, Emily Caroline Alves Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22840368
Picture of Sidsel Grepstad Dalaker Dalaker, Sidsel Grepstad Clinical Secretary
Danielsen, Kristin Dental Instructor